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Portuguese manufacturer of bio jams is looking for distributors or agents

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Portuguese company located near Oliveira do Hospital, a small town in the Center region of Portugal, manufactures jams and dehydrated fruit, with high quality and high standards. The company is looking for distributors or agents in the European market in order to establish distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. Products are manufactured under HACCP standards and have a bio certification.

Offer description

The Portuguese company is dedicated to agricultural production in organic production mode. Its mission is to produce and provide healthy foods that contribute to the welfare and improving people´s quality of life. Organic production is a management system of farm and food production that combines best environmental practices, a high level of biodiversity, preservation of natural resources, application of high standards of animal welfare and production method in line with the preference of certain consumers for products obtained using natural substances and processes. The organic farming primarily relies on renewable resources within agricultural systems organized at the local level, in order to minimize the use of non-renewable resources and to return nutrients to the land. The company produces apples, pears, potatoes, aubergine, chilli cayenne, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin and lettuce. With derivatives of these products the company produces jams, juices and dried fruit. Products: - Jam of apple, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, aubergine, red onion and pear. - Light jam of apple, pear and pumpkin with mint or ginger - Apple jellies with cinnamon or nuts, purple onion, aubergine, courgette with almond, pumpkin, and pear with mint - Dehydrated fruit (apple, pear and chilli) - Juices The Portuguese company is the owner of the know how to produce the variety of jams and dehydrated fruit they produced. The company is now looking to expand and grow business further and is looking for distributors or agents in the food sector.

Innovations and advantages

The products are bio certified and are produced and processed exclusively in organic production in an environmentally sustainable manner. The derivatives are handmade and come from regional products. The company has the certificate of conformity No. B/14/2014 The production management system of the company is based in essential elements of the organic plants and those are created in a soil fertility management. The choice of species and varieties are studied deeply and the company chooses to have multiannual crop rotation, recycling organic materials and cultivation techniques. The company offers high quality products made in Portugal.

Technology keywords

08001004 Food Processing

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07005002 Other restaurants
07005003 Hotels and resorts
07005005 Travel agencies and services

Intellectual property rights

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Comments, number and date of patent

The brand is protected by trademark. The product is bio certified.

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Area of partner's activity

The Portuguese company is looking for agents or distributors who are willing to promote and defend the brand in their market/region. Partners should have good market contacts and experience in the food sector. The potential commercial agency partner will have to represent the company to local food producers (jams, fruit, vegetables, among others).


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