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Portuguese manufacturer of artisanal charcuterie is looking for distributors

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Portuguese company located in Viseu manufactures charcuterie and is active in the production of smokehouses, wine, cheese and jams. The company uses extra quality pork meat and other selected ingredients. The charcuterie is very tasty and traditionally smoked. The company is looking for trading partners in Europe, able to distribute and commercialize his charcuterie products, by establishing commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreement.

Offer description

Portuguese company is active in the production of various types of charcuterie, smokehouses, red and white wine, cheese and jams. Their smokehouse is distinguished by the selection of meats from the best sources, using natural casings. The sausage is smoked in a wood holm or wood stove, which gives a flavour characterized by the harmony of tradition and distinctive quality. This Portuguese brand was born of the ancestral wisdom and is divided into two product types: traditional and gourmet. Gourmet and traditional smokehouse: - Belly pork on wood-fired oven with healing and prolonged smoking - Meat sausage of the mountain range - Extra turkey sausage: 100% turkey meat with spices - Ham oven firewood - Tenderloin wood oven: the maturation mode uses traditional techniques and a slow and accurate smoking - Cured ham - Pepperoni topside - Firewood over pepperoni - Black pork pepperoni - Salt belly - Extra spicy sausage: slow and accurate manufacture - Traditional paprika sausage - Traditional sausage vineyard d'garlic: prolonged healing-based in wine and garlic, combined with a smoking with oak wood - Craft sausage criollo - Typical Sausage from the Alentejo Region The Portuguese company is looking for trading partners in Europe with experience in sales, able to distribute his charcuterie products, through a commercial agency agreements or a distribution services agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The Portuguese company offers a traceability and Portuguese culinary tradition, offering homemade charcuterie products with traditional and local process. The manufacturing of the products is genuine and comes from the 4th generation family business, based on the original recipe. The transformation of traditional sausages is artisanal and fulfills the safety and hygiene standards. All products are manufactured according to HACCP standards.

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07005001 Fast food restaurants
07005002 Other restaurants
07005003 Hotels and resorts

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Area of partner's activity

The Portuguese company is looking for distributors, agents or freelance sellers with an important network of potential customers. The partner must have a range of premium products and experience in gourmet food and their customers should be able to buy artisanal products. The partners should also preferably have experience in sales or distribution of meat products and knowledge of the market.


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