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Portuguese fish processing and wholesaler company, specialized in high quality fresh and frozen pelagic fish and octopus, is looking for foreign distributors

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A Portuguese fish processing and wholesaler company based in south Portugal is looking for new EU and non-EU distribution partners (wholesalers, commercial agents, supermarkets and restaurant chains) for their fresh and frozen fish products, especially pelagic fish (sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito and anchovies) and octopus. The company is recognized for its several food quality certifications and by using the most advanced freezing and ultra-freezing techniques.

Offer description

A Portuguese fish processing and wholesaler company based in the south of Portugal since 1991, but with a long family tradition in the European fish market, is looking for distributors, commercial agents or supermarket chains in EU and non-EU countries for their fresh and frozen products. The company works essentially with high quality Portuguese pelagic fish (Sardines, Atlantic Mackerel and Horse Mackerel) and Octopus and can provide these products during all the year as they are present in all the important fishing ports across Portugal and Spain and owns a fishing vessel fleet and a transport fleet prepared for freezing products. In the present, their main markets are Portugal and Spain, for fresh fish, and France, Italy and Malta, among other countries, for frozen products. The company is recognized for its financial health and food quality through several official certifications, such as the ISO 9001:2000 and the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) sustainable certification for the Sardine purse seine. It also follows the industry best practices and the HACCP guidelines. In the company’s new freezing facilities it uses the most advanced IQF freezing and ultrafreezing techniques and C02 spiral freezing to assure the highest product quality (freezing capacity of 4 tonnes/hour). By customer request the company can deliver fresh and frozen seafood in different types of packages (Carton, styrofoam, plastic and big bags).

Innovations and advantages

Main advantages of the company: • On-time order delivery; • Transport efficiency; • 100% customer requirements delivered; • Own transport fleet prepared for freezing products; • Highly experienced teams with many years in the fishing and logistic industry; • 99% customer satisfaction; • Competitive prices.

Market application codes

09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

Long-term and valuable cooperation with wholesalers/distributors of fresh and frozen fish products, supermarket and restaurant chains and other resellers or independent commercial agents. The company works with the following products: Pelagic fish • Sardines (Sardina Pilcharus) • Atlantic Horse Mackerel (Trachurus trachurus) • Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) • Atlantic Chub Mackerel (Scomber colias) • Anchovies (Engraulis Encrasicolus) • Bonito – Bullet Tuna (Auxis rochei) Cephalopods • Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris)


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