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Portuguese chocolatier looks for agents and distributors for its traditional and innovative chocolates and sweets

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Portuguese company specialized in chocolate and candies manufacturing is offering its products for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements. From candies to chocolate tablets, truffles, chocolate cups, salt flower candies, balsamic vinegar, sugar and gluten free, to showcase candies, the company has already conquered the United States and Angola. The Portuguese comoany is seeking new partners across Europe, such as France, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Benelux and others.

Offer description

The Portuguese company is active in the sweet and candies sector for 16 years, but was in 2007 that founded its chocolate factory. With the lack of chocolates that had once existed, the company felt the necessity to create a product that combined the compromise between tradition and innovation. The Portuguese company dedicated itself to create handmade products, 100% manufactured and wrapped by hand. The company bought an old factory and a few molds, which allowed them to have the chocolates with the original molds. The company sees the future of this sector of activity with great optimism, using only unique and excellence ingredients, made with dedication, care and love in abundant doses. The raw material used comes from Ghana. In addition to its large factory, the company also has a store with a small production line, so that clients can see the process of making the chocolate and also give suggestions, helping a co-creation process, a process that is highly craftsmanship. The factory and shop coexist harmoniously, creating a warm, bright and welcoming environment. Another mission of the company owners is to demystify that the chocolate makes getting fat and that it bad for our health. What is bad, according to the chocolate manufactured are the products that are added, which often withdraw the purity and excellence to the final result. The quality cocoa has excellent properties such as magnesium, iron and antioxidants. The chocolates are made to delight all the senses, from the look, smell and taste. The company has its own manufacturing process and commercializes its products in customized boxes. The main products are candies, chocolate tablets, sticks, truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate cups, chocolate strollers, umbrellas, handmade almond, dried fruit, nuts, among others. Salt flower candies, traditional grave candies, balsamic vinegar and mango are specialties created with great imagination and originality. The chocolatier focus also on innovation: tablets with fruit, showcase candies, sugar and gluten chocolate free, mountain cheese, nettle candies or caipirinha liquor / blueberry liqueur and truffles with all the flavors. Some chocolates are made with molds used in old days as the case of umbrellas and strollers. Born in a city in the Central Region of Portugal, has already conquered the world, starting with the United States and Angola. The company is now looking to invest in other markets, seeking new partners that could spread its chocolate across Europe, such as in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Nordic countries, among others through commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The chocolatier has already won several awards, namely with its Peru's coffee chocolate, bonbon candy eggs and coffee candy that was considered "The Best of the Best" in the 3rd National Competition of Traditional Chocolates, held at the National Exhibition Centre in Santarém, organized by CNEMA. The chocolatier was also distinguished by nordvestest blog as one of the top 10 chocolatiers from Europe. The Portuguese company won the possibility to be present as exhibitor at the 'Salon du Chocolat' in Paris. The company is classified as excellent in TripAdvisor and is No. 2 in the shopping ranking in its city. The Portuguese company has the capability to produce more the 70 varieties of chocolate and candies. Compared to the typical chocolate production companies, the company differentiates itself because the chocolates and sweets are made in an artisan form and from selected raw material from Ghana, with a careful and attractive presentation, adding several different flavors such as salt, balsamic vinegar and mango. The packing has the possibility of customization for companies and events and can be translated to any language of destination countries. Even with a process of co-creation, where competitors practice higher prices, the Portuguese company can act with competitive prices.

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The Portuguese company is looking for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements with partners that could spread its chocolate and candies across Europe. The partners sought are commercial agents, professionals and distributors with good relationships with patisserie stores and supermarkets.


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