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Portable digital micro-camera (audio-video-recorder) for use in security and defense applications offered under outsourcing agreement

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A French SME has developed a digital micro-camera that can record high quality videos with sound from a few meters away continuously or sequentially whenever needed. The camera is small, discrete and can be hidden inside a textile camouflaged pocket for use day/night by policemen, soldiers, security guards, cash couriers etc. The recorded videos can be easily viewed afterwards on a computer to identify wrong doers. The French company offers its services and products under outsourcing agreement.

Offer description

A French SME has completely designed from scratch a tailored electronic solution to help the Military, Police and Customs officers in their daily routines, during arrests or inspections (of documents, cars, bags etc): a portable digital micro-camera which records high quality videos with sound to enable them to review events and notably to identify and associate wrong doers with the precise date, time and location. This discret light-weight audio-video recorder is designed to take videos in color during the day and black&white in the dark from a few meters away. It is hidden in a fitted camouflaged textile pocket, fixed on the users jacket with a robust Velcro which permits it to be repeatedly taken off, cabled to a computer for transfering the video and also to charge the battery. This digital micro-camera consists of a miniature integrated circuit with a CMOS image sensor that records the digital videos into the internal memory (16 GB) at 30 images per seconds, continuously for up to 5 hours (divided into 4 minutes video files) or, sequentially whenever needed (by pressing the on/off button). The camera's battery (a small flat rechargeable Li-ion battery) allows the user to use the camera sequentially for up to 7 hours (recording time) although the camera's memory is limited to 5 hours. The recorded video files can be viewed on a PC or laptop from the camera via a simple USB connection. The camera is automatically recognized by the computer in the same way as any normal USB Key. It is easy to use and no specific software is needed. The user can read, delete or copy and paste the video files onto the computer hard drive. Technical charateristics: -Dimensions: 75 mm x 40 mm x 15 mm -Weight: 50g -1.3 megapixel CMOS image sensor -Lens diameter: 1 mm -The fixed-focus lens is 3.6 mm -Automatic exposure control (backlighting) -The video resolution is 640x480 pixels -Recording speed: 30 frames per second -MJPEG Video Codec -Recording time: 5 hours (16 GB of internal memory) -Built-in USB connector and USB cable for PC connection (compatibility USB1 and USB2) -Integrated small Li-ion batteries, rechargeable via USB cable (computer) or AC charger -Charging time of battery: 8 hours with USB cable / 4 hours with charger -Battery capacity of recording: 7 hours -Operating temperature: -20°C / +60°C -Protection class: IP 66 The French company is offering its services and products to other private companies or Governement agencies. Outsourcing agreements are sought.

Innovations and advantages

-The portable audio-video recorder is small enough to be carried in one's pocket. -Possibility to set parameters for the date, hour, minute and second (displayed at the bottom of the video). -The video files can be viewed immediately after recording on any computer without the need for any dedicated software. -As an option, the camera can be delivered in a small hard plastic suitcase with foam compartments containing the tailored textile camouflaged pocket, the USB cable, the small flat battery and its charger.

Current stage of development

Current and potential domain of application: the micro-camera is already used by Military and Police. It can also fit with security activites and risky jobs as bodyguards, security staff, cash couriers...

Technology keywords

01002001 Micro and Nanotechnology related to Electronics and Microelectronics
01002003 Electronic engineering
01002004 Embedded Systems and Real Time Systems
01003012 Imaging, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
01006012 Description Image/Video Computing

Market application codes

01004006 Other data communication components
03008001 Military electronics (excluding communications)

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: Private or government agencies. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Security - Military - Police - Customs - Task to be performed by the partner sought: To purchase the innovative micro-camera to equip their staff.


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