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Polyvalent tools for the creation of interactive contents to be represented abroad by distributors and agents

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A Belgian company, active in the production of interactive videos, developed different tools suitable for the interactive contents fields. They’re looking for distribution or commercial agency agreements.

Offer description

A Belgian company, active in the interactive contents fields, is looking for distribution or commercial agency agreements in order to deliver a range of interactive videos tools. They develop innovative software and hardware for the creation of interactive video contents designed to facilitate the learning, the communication and the marketing. These software and hardware are strategic tools for companies to develop or maintain their competitive advantage. They are looking for commercial agencies with IT or audio/video as target activity or distributors active in these fields and that would like to integrate new products in their offer. Concretely, the company developed and offers two tools allowing the user to: 1) Video production tool Create his own video clip in total autonomy and in an easy way. It can be a solution for companies that would like to capture workshops or seminars and diffuse them on the web for either internal or external use. 2) Video player tool Visualize presentations, conferences, lessons, etc. from his favourite web browser by synchronizing pictures from camera, Power point, video, medical appliance, assembly lines, etc. The platform also provides a multilingual service. In parallel, the company offers four services: 1) Conferences capture service The company can take over all the capture of the conference, from the beginning to the end. It includes the capture of the conference/seminar, the production and the diffusion of the interactive video. 2) Streaming Live The company can create events -like conferences, webinars or trainings- that can be visualized by the audience in live from their favourite web browser- and that allows to interact with the orator or the assembly, that means, comment, ask questions, vote, participate in a contest, etc. 3) Serious game production The company can create, with the partner, serious game in order to make traditional presentation or training more attractive. 4) Media zone The company can create a multimedia platform, that perfectly fit with the user expectations, where he can compile several medias, create playlists and diffuse the videos as he wishes. A fuller description of each tool and service is available on request.

Innovations and advantages

The tools are: - Compatible with all platforms: PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, etc.; - Available without downloading or installing anything, all is in the internet cloud; - Easy to use for both production and diffusion (on all Learning Management Systems -LMS- and social networks for instance); - Graphically adaptable for a better integration in the business environment.

Technology keywords

01004015 ICM - Internet Content Management
01005002 E-Learning
01005003 E-Publishing, Digital Content
01006001 Audiovisual Equipment and Communication
01006012 Description Image/Video Computing

Market application codes

01001004 Other commercial communications
01004008 Other data communications
01006003 Streaming
02007015 Integrated software

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Area of partner's activity

Type: Commercial agency or distributor Sector: IT, Video/Audio (live streaming video, event capture, video production, e-learning, serious game, etc.) Role of distributors: The partner should be interested to add the products described above to its product portfolio. Role of commercial agency: The partner should be interested to deliver the products described above to an ‘IT or Video/Audio target’.


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