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Polynesian producer of breadfruit and banana flour is looking for distributors in Europe.

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An agro food company based in Tahiti and created in 2014 is specialized in breadfruit and banana flour manufacturing. Breadfruit flour is a new product, unknown worldwide and gluten free. This company is looking for distributors in Europe.

Offer description

A French Polynesian company of agro-food is specialized in the production of breadfruit and banana flour. Product: The core business activity is the production of breadfruit flour that can be used in for breads, pastries, bagels, and other salty and sweet rolls. Then, the company decides to produce banana flour. Both productions are made in Tahiti because the raw materials come from French Polynesia. Its mission is to create healthy flour four customers and sold with a good value for money. It contributes to the development of the local economy by buying breadfruit with a fair price. Cooperation type: Tahitian company is looking for distributors in European countries. The company may be able to negotiate exclusivity on the market of a new partner. It can provide a phytosanitary certificate with all shipment. If the potential distributors need other documents, the company is able to satisfy the requests.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages of the product: The breadfruit and banana flour are high quality products made with raw organic materials, totally made in Tahiti. Indeed, breadfruit flour has many benefits: • It perfectly substitutes for wheat flour in the composition of many foods ( breads, cakes, pasta , sauces ...) • It does not contain gluten and thus meets the needs of people gluten intolerance; • Breadfruit is naturally organic because it is grown without insecticides or pesticides. Advantages of the company: Company has invested in an industrial workshop and professional equipment in order to be more efficient. Moreover, all profits generated by this activity are reinvested in the operation of the company and its investment policy (other acquisition equipment, communication, packaging, participation in trade fairs). Company is the only one which produces and commercializes breadfruit flour in Tahiti. It has the storage capacity of 200 kg per month. Then, it favors global sustainability and local employment.

Market application codes

05008002 Food and feed ingredients
05009001 Food & feed ingredients
07003002 Health food

Intellectual property rights

Other (registered design, plant variety, etc)

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Type of partner sought

The Tahitian company is looking for distributors in agro-food sector in European countries. Previous experience in trans-national cooperation is preferred. Why it can be interesting? First, it can interest organic shop, but also shops specialized in the importation of foreign food products because, breadfruit and banana flour are sold in package of 400gr/each. In a second hand, the company is also looking for shop much sell any products made with flour you should try breadfruits and banana flour. It can bring a new taste to recipes and surprise clients. In fact, breadfruit comes from tropical countries so it is not easy to find in Europe and not really well known by the majority of people.


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