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Polynesian producer and distributor of Tahitian Vanilla beans is looking for financial partners in European countries.

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The Tahitian agro food company is a vanilla beans producer and distributor based in Raiatea island – French Polynesia with 8.000m2 of area production. It is looking for European financial partners in order to increase its vanilla beans production.

Offer description

Polynesian producer and distributor of Tahitian vanilla beans is looking for financial partners in Europe. This company produces Tahitian vanilla beans with more than ten years of experience to get high beans quality. The primary aromatic constituents of “Vanilla Tahitensis” are: - Alcohols - Aldehydes - Acids - Vanillin - Heliotropin It is one of the biggest underground Tahitian vanilla beans producers of French Polynesia with 8.000m2 area production. It produces between 500kgs and 1.000kgs of dry vanilla beans a year. The company sale is increasing about 2.000kgs per year. It main goal is to keep the extreme quality of the vanilla bean. It has a very good network in France and also contributes to the vanilla beans local development by selling and promoting vanilla worldwide. In fact, since 2009, it distributes its vanilla all over the world mainly in France and Japan. In 2013, the commercial part is developed with two distributors and partners based in France. The brand collaborates with many gastronomic chiefs, professionals and particulars. Since 2010 it participates to the most valuable “Concours General Agricole” in France and receives awards like: - Silver Medal in 2010, 2011 and 2012 at the “Concours General Agricole” in Paris - Gold Medal in 2013 and 2015 at the “Concours General Agricole” in Paris Partnerships: Its production is not enough to respond to the increasing demand in the local and international markets. Also, by mastering the production, the curing and the commercial parts in vanilla beans, the company wish to expand the exploitation in 2016 by buying a 30 Hectares of ground with best conditions for Vanilla plants in Fresh Temperature, Humidity and Altitude, found on the island of Tahaa. The goal is to produce more than 10 tons of Vanilla beans in 2022. So it is looking for European financial resources to invest in a bigger production area. The international market in Tahitian vanilla beans can absorb 45 tons by year which represent less than 1% of the Vanilla World market. Unfortunately Tahitian Vanilla beans production is decreasing since 2013 to get only 15 tons of Vanilla in 2015. The international demand from Europe and all over the world is very high at the moment. So this is the good time to invest in Vanilla grounds to take opportunities of the market.

Innovations and advantages

“Vanilla Tahitensis” is hand raised in rich organic humus in lush valleys with the perfect combination of humidity, sun and shade. It is oilier, much plumper with many more seed per bean. This variety is smooth, shiny texture. There are producers of “Vanilla Tahitensis” elsewhere, but the differences in soil, climate and growing techniques produce a less desirable product. In fact, it is less aromatic. Real Tahitian vanilla is the choice of gastronomy professionals such as French high chief restaurant, pastry chef and ice cream makers. Tahitian vanilla is considered to be a gourmet product with a well-rounded, rich but delicate flavor and aroma. The company offers to its customer high quality vanilla, without chemicals, and in compliance with government regulations. In fact, the Tahitian company received many awards in Paris for its high quality, Gold medal at “Concours General Agricole” 2015 and 2013 in Paris with “Tahitensis Vanilla beans”. The Tahitian company packs its own products and can deliver worldwide. It takes great pride in its family tradition of expertise, and in providing the finest quality vanilla Tahitensis beans and products at competitive prices. By investing in a new ground with no plantation around, the vanilla culture can receive an organic label easily, which will be another distinction of quality. The project will be in harmony with the nature, and it will use renewable and sustainable energy as possible like natural compost from the ground and solar panel for energy.

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The Tahitian company is looking for financial resources to develop its potential of production. In fact, the company wants to increase the production area in Tahaa Island (French Polynesia), from 8,000 m2 to 80,000 m2. New partners are welcome in this project by investing between 1,000 € and 100,000 €. Potential partners can be vanilla importers or distributors but it is not an obligation. Return on investment will be made at the first vanilla beans crop in 2019. It will be between 30% and 45% after 3 years. The price expected for purchase would be 45% up of the actual price which is 378 € per kilogram. Tahitian vanilla price will continue to increase. Banks are ready to support our project but with new partners, we will reduce costs and reimbursement of expenses.


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