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Polish SME offers efficient solution for smart city - the Integrated Detection System for cars and pedestrians. Company is looking for recipients.

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A Polish company deals with designing and manufacturing mechatronic devices for traffic control. Integrated Detection System for Cars and Pedestrians – the solution for smart city, offers innovative approach of vehicles and pedestrian detection. This is unique, field-proven intelligent traffic solution help keep vehicles, pedestrian and other roads users moving safety and smoothly. The company is looking for distributors in Europe and beyond.

Offer description

One of the basic tasks of the traffic engineering, primarily in cities and agglomerations, is to ensure its traffic smoothness and efficiency. This brings about adjusting single-level crossroads capacity to the intensity of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Nowadays, the traffic in cities is controlled by means of smart controllers. These devices analyse the situation in real time and managing the city traffic in efficiency manner. Polish company, that designed and developed the Integrated Detection System for Cars and Pedestrians has since 2011 strong experience in creating highly specialized electronic equipment for city traffic engineering. Developed Integrated Detection System for Cars and Pedestrian combined two detection solutions into one highly effective and efficient system. Pedestrian detection, the Pedestrian sensor button rely on capacitive sensor. The solution applied for cars detection using magnetic sensors. The integrated system for detecting vehicles and pedestrians offers an innovative approach with respect to detection, combining detection of vehicles and pedestrians in a single comprehensive system. Integrated Detection System is composed of following units: Central Processing Unit (CPU), Vehicle detectors' extension card, Pedestrian buttons' extension card, Wireless base station – the signal repeater, CAN (Controller Area Network) bus splitter. Data from each individual unit is transferred through a bus or via a wireless link. Car detection units and pedestrian buttons share common robust protocol minimising the amount of cabling. Inputs / outputs from the system are fed into a controller either through simple on/off states or through Ethernet link, thus being suitable to any brand of controller. CPU – the Central Processing Unit is the heart of the detection system, which purpose is to gather data coming from all parts of the system. This unit allows to setup the system using provided PC software. Allows to attach up to eight extension cards to serve individual vehicle detectors and pedestrian buttons. WatchDog (WDT) provides a signal informing that all units are functioning correctly. If Ethernet module is used, the system will inform a user by e-mail in case any interruptions occur. Pedestrian buttons' extension card is used to gather data from pedestrian buttons that are mounted on the crossroad. To extend the system coverage area, the wireless base stations are used. The company is looking for distributors in Europe and beyond its borders. The advantage of a distributor would be an excellent knowledge of smart city solutions market, established contacts with city urban designers, institutions responsible for traffic engineering and city traffic authorities.

Innovations and advantages

The product is innovative primarily thanks to the use in vehicles detection the detectors of changes in Earth's magnetic field. Thanks to that, the measurement efficiency does not depend on weather conditions (as is the case with video detection). The sensors' low power consumption makes it possible to power them with batteries. It is expected to operate for 5 years without any breaks. Thanks to its small size, the device (sensor) is resistant to low-quality road base (contrary to the induction loops). Also the installation costs are reduced. The radio connection used for data transmission minimises the installation costs for the entire system. The sensor with such parameters is complex electronically but the result of works is a revolutionary product for detecting vehicles in traffic. It is perfect for spot detection in a single lane. Additionally, it is possible to detect the direction of vehicle movement. Thanks to the user-friendly hardware interface with Internet access to enable remote monitoring, the product is inexpensive, reliable and useful. This is the only detection system worldwide able to deliver information on vehicle and pedestrian traffic to the traffic light controller through a wireless route. In this way the crossroads can be updated without laying a single cable. This affects the price, installation duration and nuisance for traffic participants. The Integrated Detection System for Cars and Pedestrians is an effective alternative to existing vehicle detection systems, which are a key factor in intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

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The company is searching for institutes or organizations responsible for public infrastructure and trafic control systems.


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