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Polish producer of organic vegetables and fruits seeks distributors

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A family run company from the south west of Poland is a producer of organic and traditional food products made of different fresh fruits and vegetables. There are no extra preservatives or other additives in the offered products. Products are pasteurized and sold in glass jars of different sizes. The company is looking for sales representatives and business partners for cooperation under a distribution service agreement.

Offer description

The family run company from the south west of Poland has been making organic products with fruits and vegetables since 1992. The company continues family tradition and uses the same recipes from the beginning so the products they produce now are natural and preservative free. Company offers a large variety of different products, such as: organic products: - pickled mushrooms: organic bay bolete pickled mushrooms, organic cepes pickled mushrooms, organic chantarelles pickled mushrooms, organic slippery jack pickled mushrooms, organic honey mushrooms pickled mushrooms; - dried mushrooms: organic bay bolete dried mushrooms, organic bay bolete dried mushrooms basket, organic cepes dried mushrooms, organic cepes dried mushrooms basket; - fruit preserves: organic lingonberry low sugar, organic cranberry low sugar, organic blueberres in syrop, organic blueberry confiture, organic aronia confiture, organic strawberries confiture, organic cherry confiture, organic plums jam, organic blackcurrant jam low sugar and many more. - vegetable preserves: organic cucumber in brine, organic sauerkraut with mushrooms, organic sauerkraut carrot pasteurised, organic redbeetroots balls preserved, organic redbeetroots whit horseradish, organic grated horseradish and many more. All of the product are made with the highest quality standards: USDA ORGANIC, UE certificates, HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, IFS Food, Food Cultural Heritage. Products are package and can be sell in different sizes of glass jars and bags, prepared directly for a clients needs. The SME is looking for sales representatives and business partners for cooperation under a distribution service agreement.

Innovations and advantages

Organic products: - fresh products, - best quality, - certified suppliers of used fruits and vegetables, - no preservatives, - pasteurized. Products contains vitamins naturally present in the fruits and vegetables, lots of polyphenols, it is a rich source of minerals for example: magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium , phosphorus, iodine, iron, contains pectin aids metabolism and help to lose weight reduces the absorption of cholesterol, perfectly affects the immune system. Company can produce and package products exactly with the client needs using different language labels. Products are listed as a tradition product on a special list held by Polish Ministry of Agriculture and has many local and international awards for taste and quality inter alia: Great Test Award, TOP Product, EKO Success. Company is also present in different local and international food trades

Current stage of development

Company already offer its product in a places such us: - supermarkets, - small local markets, - healthy food stores, - during different eko food events and festivals.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

Company is looking for a business partners for distribution service agreement to implement their products (fruit and vegetable organic food) on a local market. Distributor should have an experience in organic food distribution and in distribution of natural, healthy food especially pickles.


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