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Polish producer of live snails and snail derivatives seeks agents and distributors

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A company from Poland – leader in snail breeding and one of the biggest Polish producers of snail derivatives is offering a wide range of snail products such as canned meat, frozen meat, live snails and snail eggs for caviar. The company is looking for agents and/or distributors interested in selling snail products.

Offer description

The Polish company is one of the major breeder and the buyer of the snails in North-East Poland and operates in the snail market from over 10 years. The company is the only one in Poland that manufactures snails products from the beginning (breeding) through the supervising, training and coordination of the activities of the breeders groups. The company also deals with conducting the researches as well as sales and processing of snail of Helix aspersa maxima type. At the moment the company is selling its product in Poland in big trade and wholesalers network. The company is offering a wide range of end-products from snails such as: - canned snail meat – known as “Escargot – snail in saltwater” – ideal solution for professional chefs, restaurants owners as well as for amateurs in home kitchens, available the whole year - frozen snail meat in the form of IQF (individually quick frozen) – packed 1000 g, available the whole year - live snails – production about 300 ton per year – packed in bags, available from August till January - eggs for snail caviar – available the whole year - pearls – known as “white caviar” in cans – available the whole year As the company would like to enter new markets it is looking for cooperation with intermediaries i.e. agents and/or distributors e.g. retail chains, supermarkets, gourmet stores, wholesalers etc. interested in selling snails products. The outcome of the partnership will be the company’s development, income increase as well as better brand recognition across Europe. The company is expecting that the potential partners (both agents and distributors) will be reliable and committed to products sale.

Innovations and advantages

The company has developed a new breed that can grow in the low range of temperatures. The company has its own genetics line of snails already assimilated into Central and Eastern Europe climate conditions. The company is the unit that defines the requirements regarding the structure and fibre conditions of the snails meat. The company offers frozen snail meat in the form of IQF during the whole year.

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07003 Food and Beverages
07003002 Health food

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Type: industry – intermediaries – agents and/or distributors i.e. wholesalers, retail chains, supermarkets, gourmet stores etc. Activity: food sector, luxury food products selling Role: distribution and selling of the products


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