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Polish producer of high quality active sea collagen is looking for distributors to enter new markets

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Polish company from Lower Silesia produces and sells products based on natural bioactive collagen extracted from the skin of Norwegian salmon. The company is operating in the cosmetic sector and right now it is searching for a trade intermediary that will promote and sell company’s products. They are interested in cooperation within distribution or commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

A small company from South West Poland operating in the cosmetic sector produces and sells active sea fish-based collagen and collagen based products. After few years of preparations, researches and detailed studies the company entered the market with collagen+ series. It is characterised by the high content of natural collagen obtained from the skin of Norwegian salmon, fish that lives in pure waters. Thanks to its high bioavailability for the skin, it helps the organism to rebuild natural collagen, reduces wrinkles and minimalizes the effects of ageing. At the moment the company offers 3 main products within the collagen+ series: 1) Collagen+ with hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most valuable moisturizing ingredients naturally present in the skin and epidermis. Company’s collagen mixed with hyaluronic acid moistures the skin perfectly. Quantity: 30 or 100 ml 2) Collagen+ with colostrum. Colostrum has many natural factors which stimulate the skin to auto regenerate and fight the symptoms of ageing. Quantity: 30 or 100 ml 3) Collagen+ cream The combination of sea based collagen, sea algae, hyaluronic acid and squalene, is perfect for moisturizing all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin. Quantity: 50 ml The company guarantees the highest quality of products. All raw materials and other components used in manufacturing process are of the highest quality and come from reliable suppliers. Each series of products is carefully tested in accredited laboratories. The products are free of parabens, phtalans, mineral oils, parrafinum liquidum, vaseline, lanolin, silicon and formaldehyde. They are characterized by high content of active ingredients (3% of colostrum and 2.5% of hyaluronic acid). The company has been operating on the market for a few years now and has established some business relations. It is mostly present on the Polish market yet it has already made attempts to international cooperation and sales. Right now the company is planning to expand its international coverage and that is why they are searching for a trade intermediary – agent, representative, distributor – to cooperate within distribution or commercial agency agreement. The company plans to widen its international coverage and enter new markets with their products.

Innovations and advantages

- Innovative and efficient production technology - Price competitive and high quality product - Content support regarding the products - Experience on the market - Individual attention and professional service provided to each client - Invaluable knowledge in the production of cosmetics

Market application codes

07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distributors, wholesalers, cosmeticians, spas, hotels which can become the agents for their products. The potential partners should have trade experience. Their role would be to actively promote company’s products on their markets in order to reach the highest possible levels of selling. On the other hand, the company offers elasticity in business relations and support in preparation of marketing and promotional materials.


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