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Polish producer of geosynthetic bentonite mats for a wide range of applications seeks commercial agents

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A Polish company from Lower Silesia, producer of a wide range of geosynthetic clay liners, also called bentonite mats, offers a wide range of its products including bentonite mats designed for protecting waterways and marine environments, sealing barriers for buildings and tunnels, sealing barriers protecting against water penetration and leaching of toxic substances and quick linking system for all types of construction. The company offers its products via a commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

The Polish company was established in Lower Silesia February 2008 by founders with a rich experience in manufacturing, distribution and installation of geosynthetics. Their product range is designed to offer protection in a wide range of uses in construction, geo-engineering and hydrological projects.Their products have a variety of specific uses, including protecting waterways and marine environments such as breakwaters and harbours, for lining tunnels against water intrusion and for preventing the leaching of toxic substances and liquids into the environment. A geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) is produced by sandwiching a layer of bentonite, a clay mineral which expands when wet, between two or more layers of geotextiles. Bentonite absorbs water from the surrounding soil, its expansion is impeded by layer pressure from the geotextile membranes creating an impermeable lining material able to be used as a containment barrier. The product replaces the need to use all traditional mineral sealants - it offers better sealing performance, it is more cost-effective and eco-friendly. The company already sells their products to Germany, Austria, Belgium and as part of their expansion, is looking for commercial agencies with established networks within the construction sector. In Italy, Hungary and Spain they have exclusive representation.

Innovations and advantages

1) Bentonite mats designed for protecting waterways and marine environments have a variety of advantages including: -quick installation process, -cheaper than more traditional solutions, -in contact with soils it improves the overall long-term stability and integrity of a structure, -financial and ecological savings are achieved as the product removes the need to transport large quantities of natural soils or aggregates, 2) Sealing barriers for buildings and tunnels have a number of advantages: The product has been approved for the following standards: -thickness: ISO 9863-1/9863-2; -mass per unit area: ASTM D 5993; -moisture content: ASTM D 4643-08; -tensile strength and elongation at break: ISO 10319; -puncture resistance (CBR): ISO 12236; -peel strength: ISO 13426-2; -permeability: ASTM D 5887. Remarkable advantages: -self-sealing, -minimum surface preparation required, -on vertical surfaces, the mat can be nailed directly to the concrete, -no additional requirements for fixing on horizontal surfaces, -no requirements for floor surface preparing underneath the mat, 3) Sealing barriers protecting against water penetration and leaching of toxic substances have following advantages and innovations: -enhanced mechanical and waterproofing parameters, -extreme toughness and durability, -a double lined system, -self-healing properties, -puncture resistance, -verified and proven track record for quality, -the product has been assessed and verified of constancy of performance of the product, regarding to the harmonized technical specification: EN 13361+A1:2007, EN 13362:2005, EN 13491+A1:2007, EN 13492+A1:2007, EN 13493:2005, EN 13967+A1 2012. 4) Quick linking system for all types of construction has following advantages and innovations: - the product provides double protection against water leakage; - self-sealing due to the polimerized non-woven and bentonite layer; - quick swelling; - continually active polymers;

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02006001 Materials, components and systems for construction

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Type of partner sought

The company looks for cooperation with European distributors of construction materials aiming for the distribution or commercial agreement.


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