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Polish producer of electrical equipment is looking for a distributor of automatic light switches in European markets

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Polish producer of electrical equipment active in the market for nearly 20 years has developed an innovative light switch that can be used for intelligent buildings. For a year they have been selling a ready product in the Polish market – mostly for small private investors building or modernizing their houses. Currently they think about extending their activities into the European markets. The company looks for distribution services agreements with European electrical equipment distributors.

Offer description

A company located in South West Poland was founded in 1997 and since that time it has been active in the area of energetic and telecom networks as well as photovoltaics. For more a year, the company also has been producing automatic light switches designed for homes and intelligent buildings. The inspiration for the project was a market demand for this type of product. So far, there was a gap in the market segment of home automation because passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, which are most commonly used for automatic control of lighting, have a number of disadvantages. PIR sensors require that people have to periodically move indoors, there is also a need to deploy multiple sensors so as to cover its whole area of premises (also behind pillars, behind furniture, etc.) – it influences necessity of multiple sensors in large halls. Another issue is a long time of unnecessary glowing lights after leaving the room. All these problems exclude PIR sensors from some of applications. The company solved many of existing problems by designing their own automatic light switch system. The operation of their switches is based on the original new method. It works by counting the number of people passing through the door. The device uses sensors placed on the door jamb and checks how many people came in and how many people came out by each door. On this basis it calculates the number of people staying in the room. If the device determines that the space is occupied by some people, the lights will be automatically on. If the number of people in the room is zero the device turns the lights off in 1 second after leaving the room by the last person. The switches can communicate with each other, which ensures the proper functioning of the lighting in the interconnecting rooms. The key to proper operation is appropriate software that was daily tested and refined for the last two years. The switches currently are available in 2 versions with buttons and with a touchpad. The proposed switches increase comfort of living in a house as well as contribute to the saving of electricity, thus reducing the expenses for electricity. The fact that the company is relatively small implies that the products can be easily and fast changed and customized. Currently the company is working on the new look of the switches.

Innovations and advantages

• Simple network of sensors, • High reliability, • Helps saving of electrical energy • No need for movement in a room to keep the light on • Based on algorithms counting people in a room • Solution very well tested in practice • Additional passive infrared (PIR) sensors can be incorporated too • Fulfilling European standards EN 60669-1, EN 60669-2 • Product CE marked • Flexible attitude of producer which is open to improve and customize its products

Technology keywords

01002003 Electronic engineering
02006004 Installations related to construction (energy, lighting, ..)
04007002 Lighting, illumination

Market application codes

03008004 Other electronics related (including alarm systems)
06010001 Energy for private/domestic housing
08002001 Energy management

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Area of partner's activity

The company looks for distributors of electrical equipment. Most suitable partner shuold meet following requirements: - good knowledge of the market, - a well-developed distribution network, - willingness to promote new solutions. Distributors of electrical equipment


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