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Polish producer of a (super)smokeless solid fuel looks for agents and distributors

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A Polish SME from the energy sector has developed and is offering a new, (super)smokeless solid fuel made from steam (bituminous/soft) coal. The product has a relatively high calorific value. It is also comparatively safe for the environment, as low amounts of volatiles and other harmful substances are released to the atmosphere. Distribution services and commercial agency agreements are offered. The company is also ready to develop and supply new solid fuel under the manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

A company from the northwestern part of Poland operating in the energy sector specialises in the production of solid fuels. It has two state-of-the-art production facilities with a yearly output of 225 thousand tons of solid fuels and over 2 Million Gj of heat energy. The firm has been extensively collaborating with multiple international partners from Europe and Africa. The company has recently developed and is offering a new smokeless solid fuel made from steam (bituminous/soft) coal. The fuel is very efficient in terms of energy production (technical parameters in the 'Advantages and Innovations' section). Thanks to the intensive work of their R&D team, volatiles and other harmful substances are tightly controlled, making the offered product more environmentally friendly than the standard coal-derived fuels. The firm is interested in entering new markets with this new product and is looking for foreign partners who will help in achieving this goal. They offer partnership within the framework of either distribution or commercial agency agreement to companies operating in the energy sector. The firm looks for a partner with knowledge of a local market and an extensive network of contacts. Distributors will be expected to include the product in their offer, specify the requested quantity, delivery date and destination, and promote the products among final customers. Responsibility of agents will be to market the products through their channels, find new customers for them and assist in the negotiations. As for the company, it will be responsible for producing and delivering the ordered product. Other details of the partnership will be discussed and agreed during negotiations between the parties. The company is also interested in developing new products. For this reason, it offers to cooperate with energy companies under the manufacturing agreement. Partners will be responsible for specifying what type of solid fuel they require, what properties it suppose to have. In turn, the company will develop, manufacture and supply the specified product.

Innovations and advantages

Properties of the offered fuel: - Energy - 27 MJ/kg - Size - 3-25 mm - Ash content - max 5% - Sulphur - max 0,3 % - Total carbon - ca. 90% - Volatiles - ca. 5% - Particulate Matter (PM10) content in smoke - 10 times less than standard fuels of this type - Benzopyrene emission - 20 times less than standard fuels of this type The product can be labelled as a super-smokeless, environment-friendly solid fuel with a high content of energy. The product is of high quality, manufactured following ISO 9000/9001 standards and the highest regulatory European and British requirements.

Technology keywords

04003002 Solid fossil fuel

Market application codes

06005003 Other coal related
06010001 Energy for private/domestic housing
06010002 Energy for the community/public sector
06010003 Energy for Industry
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Type of partner sought

For both, distribution services and commercial agency agreements: Type of Partner Sought: energy companies, preferably wholesalers and retailers of solid fuels with extensive knowledge of their local market. Role of Partner Sought: Partners are expected to include the company's super-smokeless solid fuel made from steam (bituminous/soft) coal in their offer, promote them through their channels and find new final customers for the product. Manufacturing agreement: Type of Partner Sought: energy companies, e.g. heat or electricity producers, or their suppliers. Role of Partner Sought: Partners are expected to specify the type of fuel they need, the parameters it suppose to have so that the company can develop and supply a new product.


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