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Polish producer is looking for distributors of high water absorption multiparticulate polimer, 100% biodegradable hydrogel, granulated enriched superabsorbent protecting the root system of plants from drying up.

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A Polish SME has developed and patented innovative technology of 100% biodegradable and environment-friendly hydrogel which can be used in the agriculture, forestry, gardening and environment protection sectors. Hydrogel is a dusty, porous product, protecting the root system of plants from drying up during thansportation, storage and plantings. Polish company is looking for a partner for distribution services agreement and is open to manufacturing cooperation.

Offer description

A Polish dynamically growing company, dealing with research results commercialization, transfering innovative technologies and practical use of science in business offers an innovative range of products for agriculture, forestry, gardening and environment protection. Range of specialistic products from Polish SME fulfills highest standards of environmental protection, and its usage provides efective growth of plants. Currently offered innovative products, built on the basis of previously implemented modern superabsorbents: agroaquagel, aquavit and teracryl. Innovative range of products offered by company, created by implementation of innovative production technology, manufacturing nanoporous composite hydrogel containing slowly releasing fertilizing substances. Offered products are an extension of technology that was used, which thanks to innovations became more efficient,economically viable and environmentally friendly. Product description: A porous product, granulated superabsorbent which increases the absorption capacity of the soil and subsoil. It is a multiparticulate polimer which has a high water absorption that exceeds several hundred times its own weight. When there are periods of deficiency of water in the soil, our product successively supports plants with water and can make tens of thousands of absorbtion and return cycles. During the production proces we use ingredients that were created with help of nanotechnology. Application of the product: For the production of subsoil, for the production of seedling, for rooting, for growing vegetables, for growing mushrooms, for nursery and cultivation of fruit trees and shrubs, for breeding and cultivation of flowers, the product is used in greenhouses, foil tunnels and field crops, can be used for all kinds of cereal and root crops, commodity crop of vegetables, meadows and pastures, can be used in forests for new plantings, tree nurseries, to protect seedlings during transport, for municipal greenery, for restoration of degraded lands, other applications, also technical. Polish SME is constantly looking for new solutions, to ensure maximum safety and effectivenes. Constant cooperation with the Agricultural University and other major universities provides Polish SME full support of laboratory and experimental facilities and ability to conduct complex research, which it is not able to perform within its own R & D department of company, which results in constant development and improvement of our products. Polish company would like to start cooperation with partner who will represent their business along other countries (intermediaries, companies engaged in the purchase and sale of different products to different countries).Polish company would like to start long cooperation with abroad intermediaries. Polish SME can also produce some new products for foreign partner, exclusivity, under its brand. Or produce someones product under their special needs, for example: the production of cereals, mushrooms, fruit orchards, wineries, and many others.

Innovations and advantages

General benefits: - Hydrogel is durable, and active for more than 5 years, after about 10 years it becomes fully biodegradable - Improves the structure of heavy soils by reducing the brevity and increasing aeration, in the case of light soil it prevents erosion - Stimulates the development of the root system by increasing dynamics of positive developments in soil environment, for example: mycorrhiza or development of symbiotic bacteria - It accelerates the growth of the plants and reduces loss caused by water stress - It prevents the roots and plants from drying in the period when the plants are out of the soil- makes transport easy for plants and increases the percentage of successful plantings - Stem water leaks in levees and stabilizes the embankment of rivers and streams Economic benefits: - It allows to reduce the doses of fertilizers by 30% by retention of nutrients (fertilizers) within the root system - Limiting the irrigation after using the hydrogel by it’s absorption activity from about 20% to 50% depending on the frequency and watering of the soil - Increasing the yield by about 15% - Reducing treatments by about 9% - Reducing leaching of fertilizers in the deeper parts of the soil, protection of groundwater Offered products are an extension of technology that was used, which thanks to innovations became more efficient,economically viable and environmentally friendly.

Technology keywords

03002 Process Plant Engineering
07001001 Agriculture Machinery / Technology
10002006 Ecology

Market application codes

05009004 Plant health
08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

Comments, number and date of patent

Company patents: - Device for injecting soil - Soil injection - Preparation hydrogel, especially with agrochemicals - Nanoporous kompzyt hydrogel - Nanogel All patents are on a global scale.

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Area of partner's activity

Type: SMEs, industry & universities – no limits Activity of the desired partner: sectors of agricul-ture, horticulture, forestry, horticultural Role: foreign distributor, intermediaries, new product partner, co-developing partner, collaborator at different level


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