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Polish manufacturer of solid fuel stoves and heat exchange stations seeks distributors and/or agents and offers subcontracting

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A Polish company is a world class manufacturer of ecological solid and multi-fuel boilers and heat exchange stations for heating houses and large public buildings. The company is looking for a distributors and/or agents to sell its highly specialized products, and is offering its manufacturing services as subcontractor.

Offer description

A Polish company founded in 2003 is a highly specialized company working in the machine and metal industry. The company is the manufacturer of the following products: solid and multi-fuel boilers and heating exchange stations for private houses, commercial objects and production plants. The company is the leading producer of solid fuel central heating boilers in Poland. The product range comprises both simple boilers with proven design and innovative designs. Products are characterized by cost-efficient operation and high comfort of use. Boilers are perfectly adjusted for heating houses, garages, warehouses, commercial objects, halls and production plants. Company's boilers are an innovative, modern equipment for high-efficiency heating. They are low-temperature boilers because water outlet temperature does not exceed 95°C. At present the range of company solid fuel boilers includes 13 models, enabling a boiler operator to use any fuels. All the boilers are equipped with electronic controllers, enabling to manually select a fuel type and set a temperature required.Furthermore, all solid fuel boilers, equipped with electronic controllers, are also fit with performance and emergency shutdown sensors (shutdown at temperatures exceeding 90°C). The manufacturer offers up to 10 years of guarantee. The company is looking for cooperation of three types: 1) distribution services agreement under which it is looking for distributors to sell the above mentioned products; 2) commercial agency agreement under which it is looking for agents that will be responsible for representing the client’s products; 3). subcontracting under which the company is offering to become a subcontractor, i.e. it is willing to produce boilers for another company which assigns such an order to the company.

Innovations and advantages

- world class manufacturer with the well-known brand that assures excellent performance and durability - the confirmation of the quality and standards of the company is certificate PN EN ISO 9001, PN EN ISO 3834-2, PN EN 1090 EXC2, PN EN 15085 (CL-1), pressure directive 97/23/WE module A1, numerous awards and distinctions at trade fairs and exhibitions of heating equipment. - the company provides up to 10 years of guarantee for its products - high efficiency, smoke free and ecological burning - possibility to use different solid fuels - innovative design - possibility to manufacture on individual demand - the company has experience in international cooperation with companies and individual clients from UK, Russia, Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Germany, Ukraine since 2010

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08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
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09007003 Distribution of building products and systems

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Area of partner's activity

Type of the partner: The company is looking for all size companies operating in the field of domestic and industrial heating, mainly with the experience in international cooperation. Role of the partner: 1. Under a distribution services agreement, a potential partner is expected to buy and sell the company's products on its own markets using its own distribution channels. Any issues concerning payments for such a cooperation will be discussed and established during negotiations between partners. 2. Under a commercial agency agreement the potential partner is expected to represent the products of Polish company and the payment to the agent will be made in the form of a commission. 3. Under subcontracting agreement it is expected that the contractor will assign some of the obligations of a prior contract to the Polish contractor. The company is offering to become a subcontractor and produce boilers for another company.


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