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Polish manufacturer of original Do-It-Yourself (DIY) decorations is looking for distributors in Europe to broaden the market and gain new clients

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A young Polish company manufactures innovative DIY decorations that consist of small square stickers. By sticking them on a chosen surface according to attached manual (in a box) user can create a specific design. They seek partners: -to work within distribution/commercial agency agreement in order to expand company sales network -who possess licenses of known brands (e.g.Disney, Angry Birds) to work within manufacturing/license agreement to widen product portfolio and gain new markets

Offer description

Polish company from Lower Silesia is a producer of original and innovative DIY decorations which are built by user by sticking small squares on any surface - walls, laptops, refrigerators, windows and furniture. Sticking them according to the manual enables to create a specific design – the idea is shown on attached picture) In this way the product combines the features of fun and decoration. It is dedicated both for children and for adults. The collections are designed to decorate the apartment (kitchen, bathroom, children's room), office space, coffee shops, kindergartens, schools, etc. The company has now more than 400 different designs/models in their portfolio. Each model is available in 3 sizes of squares, pixels are based on a palette of 40 colours. Their number and size determine the final pattern. Through an appropriate choice of the squares the company is able to match their offer to the capabilities and price range of the partner. The company also offers a possibility to create own design using a tool available on company webpage. By picking different colours and selecting squares on a square board the user can design own model and buy it later. Stickers are two-sided, do not leave any traces and are resistant to moisture and water. Foil, from which they are made is produced in Europe and has all needed safety certificates. The company is interested in cooperation: 1. with a distributor that will help expand the international coverage of the company’s products – cooperation within distribution agreement or commercial agency agreement 2. with a business partner that has licence of one/some of the known brands like Disney, Angry Birds, Minecraft, Space Invaders, Warner Bros and others to expand company’s product portfolio – cooperation within manufacturing agreement or licence agreement. The company fulfils orders from 20 pieces of one pattern. When ordering min. 500 pcs by a distributor there is a possibility to receive fully translated version of the product and product prepared for distributor’s market. The company also can offer a dedicated collection of designs for a given market, taking into account the needs of the partner (min. order is 500). Lead time is 5 working days (excluding shipping time). With the first order of product on request (new model/packaging), lead time is 10 working days from the date of project approval (excluding shipping time).

Innovations and advantages

- Young, growing company with dedication to creative work - Product with multiple functions: decoration for housing, office, public spaces, gadget, gift, creative toy etc. - Company product well received on the Polish market by both children and adults - Constant product development - testing new forms of stickers (magnets, decorations, reusable foil, foil for painting) - Plans for implementation of new products (by end of 2016), constantly updated product portfolio - Individual approach to the customer, products made on request tailored to customer’s needs - Emphasis on product quality (attention to detail, design, use of certified foil) - Company experience on home market - cooperation with large furniture manufacturer and network of retail stores in Poland, experience with own online shop

Market application codes

07001002 Amusement and recreational facilities
07001003 Toys and electronic games
07005004 Education and educational products and materials

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Area of partner's activity

There are two types of cooperation that the company is interested in. Type 1. The company is looking for a partner to cooperate within long-term distribution agreement or commercial agency agreement. The partner could be: - Retail online shop (selling toys, decors, paper products, etc.) - Retail brick-and-mortar shop (selling toys, decors, paper products,etc.) - Distributor - Wholesaler - Architectural design studio (designing for private houses and offices) - Event agency The company will regularly supply the distributor with standard products and/or products on request depending on the arrangements. Type 2. The company is interested in cooperation with a producer/distributor that has a licence of one/some of the known brands. In this case the company will regularly supply the business partner with designs depending on the posessed license. The sample designs are shown on the attached pictures. The cooperation would be within manufacturing agreement / license agreement. Each product is packed in a dedicated box. Chosen elements of the product (box and manual) can be prepared by the partner. The cooperators role in both cases would be to sell the company’s products on their markets.


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