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Polish manufacturer of lubricants, oils and machining coolants is looking for agents and distributors

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A Polish company is a high class industrial manufacturer of lubricants, oils, machining coolants and lubricants for plastic processing of metals. They are looking for partners in all regions interested in commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements.

Offer description

Polish company is a high class industrial manufacturer of lubricants, oils, machining coolants and lubricants for plastic processing of metals. They are specialized in developing dedicated lubricants and the special technical support and advising in the field of machine cutting, plastic processing and lubricants management. The company’s products are able to make metal processing comprehensively, beginning from plastic processing, machining, thermal machining, finally to anti-corrosive protection. They have to offer advanced washing and maintanance agents as well as specifics for details period protection. Their agents are characterised by the highest exploitation properties, keeping the neutral odour at the same time. Thanks to the knowledge and many years of experience of creating the company, their products are suited for machining materials such as: • sintered carbides, • alloyed steels, • cast iron, • aluminum and its alloys, • copper and its alloys, • other non-ferrous metals. Their broad knowledge in a field of metal processing let them invent dedicated lubricanting agents for all shaping processes including the key parameters of process. The acquaintance of process and its specific nature gives them the ability to create the agent that minimizes tools wearing, improves product quality and brings down the power consumption of process. The SME also offers a wide range of antiadhesive oils for steel, wood and plastic forms that are used in the process of manufacturing the cellular concrete elements, aggregate concrete elements and the ceramic elements. Company’s offer is suplemented by products: hydraulic oils, machine oils, transmission oils, heating oils and also biodegradable oils for chain saw slide lubricating. The company is looking for an agents and distributors for these products. Currently the company has reached distribution agreements with companies from Spain, Germany, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania and is looking for worldwide expansion. Distribution services agreements are offered to those partners who can help the company grow profitable sales.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages that will benefit potential partners of the cooperation: - many years of experience, - very high flexibility in adjusting the quantity and quality for the customer, - extensive product range, - very high product quality.

Technology keywords

03004010 Special chemicals, intermediates

Market application codes

08001014 Lubricants and functional fluids
08001017 Industrial chemicals
08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals
08001021 Other speciality chemicals

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for an agencies, representatives or distributors for their products. The potential partners should be active and experienced in related sector and should have a good market presence and may already be supplying the related sectors.


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