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Polish manufacturer of beauty equipment seeks distributors for its premium quality products.

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A Polish company active in the area of cosmetics and cosmetology produces beauty equipment. The company offers devices produced entirely in Poland dedicated to treat and help with the following problems: cellulite, wrinkles, dropping eyelid, stretch marks, scars. They are also used for hair removal, fat reduction and face lifting. The company is looking for distributors that can promote and sell the offered devices to beauty salons, beauty clinics and spas within Europe and worldwide.

Offer description

The award winning company located in South West Poland has been active in the area of cosmetics and cosmetology for many years. They cooperate with Polish and foreign manufacturers of medical devices and cosmetic products, aesthetic medicine, cosmetics and cosmetic accessories and furniture. They help their customers in creating professional beauty parlors and SPA salons. Since 2014 the company started to produce beauty therapy devices by themselves. The devices are unique in the world due to their stylish design and innovative functions. Devices deal with fat reduction, cellulite, wrinkles, dropping eyelid, stretch marks, scars, hair removal, face lifting and other dermatology problems. The apparatuses are portable with a small or big casing depending on the needs. These are multifunctional devices with a possibility to choose from a variety of modules. Casing of all devices is made of Corian , which is considered as ideal material because of its durability, stain resistance and lack of the development of mold and fungus. The equipment was designed and constructed in close collaboration with Polish scientists from the best Universities The beauty devices are manufactured completely in Poland, using Polish components. They are well recognized and commonly used in Poland. The company is taking part in a number of beauty events and trade shows, including COSMOPROF, BEAUTY FORUM, LNE, TMP Beauty Vision and others. They organize brand promotion events in cooperation with distributors and doctors. They won numerous awards for the company and chosen products: Good Brand Award (three years in a row), Polish Quality Award, Consumer's Award, the Discovery of the Year Award, TUV NORD Certificate, LNE Innovations, etc. Now the company is looking for partners to distribute their devices throughout Europe and worldwide within distribution agreements.

Innovations and advantages

• Unique, attractive design; • Designed by Polish engineers and scientists; • Casing made of Corian; • LCD colorful touchscreen; • Polish and Japanese components; • User friendly interface; • Easy service equipment; • Clinical trials;

Technology keywords

03004011 Care, Hygiene, Beauty
06001013 Medical Technology / Biomedical Engineering

Market application codes

05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
05007 Other Medical/Health Related
07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for European and worldwide distributors that have existing links to beauty wholesalers, beauty salons and beauty clinics. The company is willing to work closely with the right partner throughout the process which includes marketing support and product training. The ideal business partner would be a wholesaler of cosmetic products and equipment with min. 2 years’ experience on the market and a network of contacts in the industry: to beauty salons and spas, aesthetic medicine centers, beauticians, etc.; proven marketing tools and funds for promotion. It is essential for the partner to have staff that the company could train in terms of their products, so that later the distributor could conduct the trainings for the final users himself. Cooperation proposals from smaller companies will also be considered.


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