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Polish company specialized in metalworking and ship equipment seeks partners

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An experienced company from West Pomerania offering ship repairs, ship equipment production and specialist metal works is looking for partners to cooperate as subcontractor or under manufacturing agreements.

Offer description

The SME was established in 2004 in West Pomerania close to German border. The main activity of the company is metalworking and steel structures. The company has a well-equipped machinery mechanical workshop and many years of experience in metal processing. Presently it offers its services to a wide range of clients from various industries but focuses mainly on producing spare parts for ships and conducting ship repairs. They provide: lathing works, milling works, cutting the teeth of wheels, threading, cutting the worm and warm wheels, chiseling grooves, milling splined, drilling works, borer works, grinding works, cylinder liner hohning, crankshaft grinding, connecting rods, pistons and cylinder heads regenerating, complete overhaulings of marine engines, reproducing of spare parts, ship equipment manufacturing, harbour equipment manufacturing, construction equipment manufacturing, and many other services connected to metalworking and steel construction. The company's products include door hinges, hatches, windows, ventilation louvres, quick acting cleats (QAC) and other marine equipment made accordingly to documentation prepared by their designers or supplied by the customer. The company offers overhauling of main engines and auxiliery engines, separators, pumps, air compressors, plate coolers and pipe coolers, heaters, electric motors and generators, anchor-mooring winches, and many others. The company is a member of West Pomeranian Maritime Cluster and cooperates with many companies from maritime and metal sector. The company is looking for partners from the public and private sector where they can offer their products and services on a commercial basis - typically to enterprises. They are also interested in working with other specialist ship repairing companies under a subcontracting agreement, where they can offer increased capacity.

Innovations and advantages

Machine park of 1250 sq meters and experienced staff. Unlike many others the company has its own design section. Depending on the demand, all metal components can be unconserved, zink galvanized, anticorrosive painted, or covered with powder or spray paint according to RAL palette. With a wide and growing range of manufacturing and finishing processes, they can help provide reliable components with a high standard and with short lead times. Delivery and high quality is a priority for this company.

Technology keywords

02007010 Metals and Alloys
02009005 Shipbuilding

Market application codes

08001012 Speciality metals (including processes for working with metals)
08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

Potential partners should operate in the metal and shipping sector and be open to cooperation. Preferably those may be companies with well developed contacts among clients.


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