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Polish company specialized in materials, products and equipment for construction industry seeks distributors and/or agents and offers manufacturing agreements

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A Polish company is specialized in manufacturing materials, products and construction equipment for most sectors of the construction industry, ranging from the protection of the environment, through the industry, infrastructure, commercial and service and office construction. The company is looking for distributors and/or representatives of its products and at the same time it is offering its manufacturing services.

Offer description

A Polish company founded in 1998, specialises in the production for construction industry. The company has well established position on the Polish market and employs about 200 employees. In 2013 the company made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company is the manufacturer of the following products: - bendable reinforcement systems that allows easy connection of reinforced concrete components, concreted during various construction phases. The system finds use during joining of walls with each other, ceilings with walls, stair landings, balconies, consoles, etc. at a later construction stage. This allows decisive time savings for the investment, and the reduction of the system formwork amount and of the system formwork component lease time (less complicated shapes); - threaded reinforcement system is a high-quality threaded bar joints spanning diameters between 12 mm and 40 mm used for making joints and anchoring the rebar in reinforced concrete structures. The system is utilised i. e. as reinforcement bar connector in ceiling slabs, connector for the ceiling with a previously concreted wall, ceiling-column joints and walls concreted in sections; - balcony connectors for safety connection between the ceiling and the balcony; - a broad range of formwork accessories, which may be used for most commercially available formwork systems; - expansion joint systems- it is a purposefully created slit in a building or structure, the task of which is to allow individual components of the structure to work independently of the rest. Separate components transfer loads, deformations and movements by themselves. Expansion joints are executed to protect the structure from: concrete contraction and temperature differences that can cause cracks or fractures of a reinforced steel structure, unequal setting, concrete creep; - edge safety system -safety barrier system foreseen for the execution of temporary edge protection at building edges, for earthworks, elevator shafts and other important spots, for the purpose of protection of people against falls from heights. The company supplies highly technologically advanced products used in the construction of complex engineering facilities and structures. The company is engaged in four main business categories: production, sale, lease of equipment and installation services. The company is interested in establishing three cooperation types: 1) manufacturing agreement - the company is offering to manufacture construction products, materials and equipment, 2) distribution services agreement – the company is looking for distributors to sell the company’s products, 3) commercial agency agreement- the company is looking for agents that will be responsible for representing the client’s products.

Innovations and advantages

- the company provides high quality products and services which are backed by tests, certificates and technical approvals - the company has been implementing new ideas and solutions for years, and the effects of it are their own products with registered utility and industrial models - the company offers quality control and professional assistance provided by the engineers of the technical support and design department - the high quality of company’s products confirms the fact that the company received a number of awards like Business Gazelles, Business Cheetahs, Effective company, Top Builder - the company is already engaged in transnational cooperation with companies from Europe - the company formed a separate export department and an investment execution department.

Market application codes

09007 Construction and Building Products
09007002 Manufacture of construction materials, components and systems

Preferred countries

Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom

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Type of partner sought

The specification of a partner based on the selected cooperation type: 1) manufacturing agreement Type: Industry SME from construction industry. Role: a partner is expected to order a product/products which the company is obliged to manufacture. 2) distribution services agreement Type: Industry SME Role: a potential partner is expected to buy and sell the company's products on its own markets using its own distribution channels. Any issues concerning payments for such a cooperation will be discussed and established during negotiations between partners. 3) commercial agency agreement Type: Industry SME Role: the potential partner is expected to represent the products of Polish company and the payment to the agent will be made in the form of a commission.


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