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Polish company specialized in manufacturing of bus's and car's bodies metal elements is looking for international cooperation. The firm is offering itself as subcontractor and is searching for reciprocal production and outsourcing agreement.

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Polish manufacturing company offers sheet metal products (steel and aluminum) for the automotive industry and railway customers. The company specialize in the production of flaps, frames, wheel arches, cabin doors, fuel and AdBlue tanks, fuel flaps, brackets, cabinets, roof structures etc. The company is looking for a possibility to cooperate with partners that need to production services under reciprocal production, outsourcing agreement or subcontracting.

Offer description

Polish company manufactures fabricated metal parts (aluminum, carbon and stainless steel). The products are manufactured for the automotive industry and for the customer from other metal branch. The company focuses on the production of elements for the public and tourist transportation. The company operates basing on customers and own design documentation. The technological department develops the design from initial phase of the product to its finished condition. The technology department of company is capable of developing a project from the initial phase of the product to the final product. Polish SME is present in the market since last 14 years and guarantee high quality, punctuality and individual approach to the needs of each client. The company offer customer oriented production and delivery of the above-mentioned products for Bus and Coach manufacturing companies and also to suppliers of the automotive and railway sector in case they need our services. The company specialize in aluminum and stainless steel products, such as: flaps, frames, wheel arches, cabin doors, fuel and AdBlue tanks, fuel flaps, brackets, cabinets, roof structures etc. The company is looking for reciprocal production and outsourcing activities. In the frame of cooperation the firm offers its production capacities of above-mentioned items for interested in cooperation companies. Beyond that, the company offers itself as a subcontractor and is looking for companies to whom they could assign a part of a specific contract.

Innovations and advantages

The company has a lot of experience in the production of aluminum and steel parts. Possesses a machine park which allows the production of complex elements. The technical capabilities include: laser cutting, welding, turning, milling, bending, gluing, bending, painting, rolling, extrusion, pumping, grinding etc. The enterprise has press brakes and own powder coating facility. Additionally the company has experience in the gluing of painted and unpainted aluminum components. The company has got integrated Quality Management System according to standards PN-EN ISO 9001 and PN ISO 14001.

Market application codes

08003004 Industrial trucks and tractors
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The company wants to expand its business in international markets and is looking for reciprocal production, outsourcing activities and subcontracting agreement for the sale of products in foreign countries with a particular focus on automotive and railway sectors.


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