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Polish company specialised in embroidery on many kinds of clothes seeks agents and distributors to promote and sell its products and subcontracting services

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A Polish manufacturer of workwear and promotional clothes specialised in marking them with the use of computer embroidery is looking for business partners in the EU and outside. The company has been producing its products since 1999. The firm would like to reach a wide group of distributors and agents. It would also like to provide computer embroidery services as a subcontractor.

Offer description

The Polish company has been on the market for over 16 years and cooperates with numerous partners in Poland and Europe. The company produces a wide range of workwear and promotional garments, such as: 1. Aprons - waitress / waiter aprons - bib aprons - waist aprons 2. T-shirts 3. Polo shirts 4. Fleece sweatshirts 5. Caps and forage caps and other clothes according to individual orders submitted by the clients. Clothes are available in a broad selection of colours, in all sizes: from XS to 3XXL. The company specialised in computer embroidery so clothes can also be arranged through comprehensive computer embroidery services. Clients can choose to have their own logo or staff names and titles embroidered to aprons and other garments. Currently the products are sold in EU countries. They are delivered directly to the final customer or sold by advertising agencies. In order to gain a bigger market share and expand their sales, the company wishes to establish contacts with distributors and agents worldwide. As a subcontractor they would also like to provide computer embroidery services – mark materials / clothes produced by other companies.

Innovations and advantages

Main advantages and innovative aspects of the company and its products are: - high quality of products, - high quality of computer embroidery, - embroideries are durable, - products are available in all sizes and in a broad selection of colours, - embroideries can be performed on delineators, - samples of embroidery before execution of order, - efficient communication with clients, - approval of projects by electronic means, - fast delivery of products in Europe, - highly qualified management staff, - punctuality and optimal management of contracts, - price discounts adjusted to order quantity, - professionalism.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks partners with strong and established position on the market. The company would like to cooperate with distribution partners and commercial agents able to sell products in their markets. They would like to reach to advertising agencies, food networks, meat-processing companies, bakeries, hotels, catering companies and other firms which need working and promotional clothes with company's logo. To provide computer embroidery services the company would like to also cooperate with sewing rooms, working clothes producers, cinemas, aerospace and metal industries, manufacturers of products such as armchairs, ships, trolleys, etc.


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