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Polish company specialised in delivering software solutions is looking for distributors/representative/agents and is offering its services in European countries.

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An experienced Polish IT company specialised in delivering business software to streamline processes and communication within client's company, addressed to different markets and sectors, is looking for distributors/representatives and is offering its services abroad. The company is offering its products and competences in this domain and is looking for partners within distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement and services agreement.

Offer description

The Polish company was established in 2009. Its mission is to convert in-depth business analysis into industry specific software solutions that enhance communication and improve efficiency while being user-friendly and secure. This company uses the latest technologies and creates cutting edge solutions. The IT platforms, the company creates and implements are dedicated for : a/commercial real estate management to perform technical inspections in the building, generate reports & inspection protocols. The company offers modules like reporting, meters usages analysis, planned & preventive maintenance, virtual data room, invoices & finances, tenants portal and many others, b/visitors management to improve the security at the building (one click evacuation reports) and the way of managing the visitors branded and personalized invitations to the guests, pre booking module, c/ promoting sustainability initiatives in the companies to save the time and money spent for the transport to work. It's a closed platform, dedicated to specified company/office building. The users can plan their route, invite other co-workers to the platform, invite them to common ride. It offers its solutions to end-clients and cooperates with business partners across the world (Japan, Saudi Arabia). Their successful implementations cover Canada, Spain, Portugal, Russia and others. Their main customers are the top players in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) industry who have trusted them and recognized them as one of the best. The case studies and references are available on request. With over 5 years of experience in this sector and with team of about 40 professional IT specialists, the company is able to supply even more complex and modern business software solutions for demanding clients. Cooperation offered: - a commercial agency agreement for an agent/representative to represent the business software to streamline processes and communication within client's company in other EU countries, - a distribution services agreement for a distributor to buy and sell this above mentioned products in local market from Polish company, - a services agreement to provide a specialized software-related services according to requests of the client, address to different markets and sectors. Other types of partnerships are taken into account. All its platforms are designed and deployed by its company. They're cloud based and secure (ISO 27001 certificate).

Innovations and advantages

The company offers and uses most up-to-date technologies (e.g. Near field communication (NFC) as a part of the business to provide cutting edge solutions. Their innovations cover: - 12 language packs (including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and many others); - Mobility - all the platforms have their mobile versions; - Off line version – IT platform dedicated to property and facility management is the only one platform of this kind offering an off line version, especially important for technical service employees; - IT platform for transport to work helps co-workers who live nearby (based on the address entered) to find co-passengers to travel with; - IT platform for visitors management allows creation of personalized invitation to the guests, to sign in as a guest with a Quick Response code(QR). It can integrate this platform with the access control in the building. One of the office buildings that implemented the platform and have, among others, Chinese and Arabic speakers was happy to offer their guest new quality of a service, thanks to multilingual invitations, possibility to add tips (e.g. how to get there from the airport). The Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market offers immense possibilities for its business to develop. It combines best products with great perspectives to expand the business.

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks a business partner to expand its brand and products abroad. They are looking for agent/representative to represent the business software to streamline processes within client's company abroad, as well as reliable commercial partners who could distribute their products in other EU countries on the base of commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. Also this Polish SME offering to become a provider of specialised software-related services addressed to companies from different markets and sectors within services agreement. This company provides its expertise, training/education, marketing materials, product management, IT support. From its partners the company expects carrying the sales and post sales cycle based on their contact on local markets. The partners will be asked to search for the end-clients on the local market and carry out the negotiations and trainings for the clients - its support covers all the stages of the cooperation with end client, if needed. Experience in trans-national business co-operation is not preference.


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