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Polish company offers services in the field of research and development activities

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A Polish R&D company acting under a technical university offers its services to entrepreneurs searching for support in implementation of innovation. The expertise based on the technical university tradition enables solving problems which require a scientific approach. The company sells patents and licences for the technical university outputs. Possible cooperation types are: services agreement and license agreement.

Offer description

The company is the special purpose vehicle of a technical university. It has been operating in the North-East Poland for 4 years in order to enable enterprises development with the support of local scientists. They associate entrepreneurs with academics able to solve a company’s problems connected with implementation of innovations. The company has a technical expertise in the fields of mechanics, electrics, electronics, construction, architecture, information technology, environmental protection, production engeeneering and management. Main services of the company are: • support for companies in implementation of innovations (planning, designing, implementation, management), • services for companies willing to solve problems requiring a scientific approach, e.g. in the field of boosting production through modifications of production process, • conducting research in the fields such as mechanics, electrics, electronics, construction, architecture, information technology, environmental protection, production engeeneering and management, • developing prototypes of a new products (short-run production of innovative products is possible), • searching for financial support possibilities, • selling of patents and granting licences for technical university outputs (solutions mainly from the fields such as mechanics, electronics, IT, engeneering). The company is searching for long-term partners from all over the world who want to implement innovations and need professional and evidence-based support services in this area. The company is able to deliver solutions on every step: design, implementation, management, as well as deliver appropriate patents and licences - outputs of the technical university.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantages of the company are listed below: • the company operates within technical university and has access to the academic experience based on over 65-years tradition, • legal form (special purpose vehicle) guarantees short decision path (reduced bureaucracy in comparison to institutions of higher education) – speed of action is necessary in case of competitive market, • prices are competitive and negotiable, • tailor-made approach - for every particular project interdisciplinary team of experts and advisors in research, implementation, project management is appointed.

Technology keywords

01001 Electronics, Microelectronics
01003015 Knowledge Management, Process Management
02006 Construction Technology
10002 Environment

Market application codes

02007025 Consulting services

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Area of partner's activity

The company offers its services for: • entrepreneurs who need professional support in implementing innovations, • universities interested in purchasing licenses and patents. Possible cooperation types are: services agreement – services on the company support in implementation of process and product innovations; license agreement – the company sells patents and licences (outputs of the technical university) from the fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical egineering, automated technology, IT. All the patents and licences are difficult to list in the offer.


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