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Polish company is looking for distributors for chemical products used in rubber industry

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Polish company is seeking distributors and agents for chemical products used in rubber industry: mineral extender oils, emulsifiers, polymerization reaction initiators, antioxidants and more. They are also looking for producers of tyres and other rubber-based products willing to use offered chemical compounds in their production process.

Offer description

The Polish enterprise is a privately owned distribution company specialized in carcinogenic free mineral extender oils for tire rubbers and compounds (TDAE – Treated Distillate Aromatics Extract, MES - Mild Extraction Solvate and TRAE - Treated Residual Aromatic Extract), emulsifiers, polymerization reaction initiators and antioxidants for synthetic rubber industry, gum rosin-based resins for tire producers, pine oil and a-terpineol. Using their chemical products improves the quality and properties of manufactured goods (tyres, rubbers, etc.). They perform logistic operations, using modern and efficient logistic concepts, and offer flexible commercial conditions. The company is willing to deliver goods just in time preferably on basis of DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) destination place required by client. Their logistic services fulfil the customer's requirements like: mean of transport, packaging, Customs formalities, temperature of product, time of loading and unloading. The company is looking for distributors, commercial agents and producers in rubber industry (especially tyres). More information in Partner Sought section.

Innovations and advantages

Advantages/innovations of the company: professional logistic, technical and sales services. Just in time deliveries (JIT). Quality control system. Formula based pricing and long term cooperation. Flexibile payment and financing terms. VMOI (Vendor Managed and Owned Inventory) management concept. Advantages/innovations of offered extender oils: competitive prices in the market, environmentally-friendly products with low content of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Stable quality - parameters in the extremely narrow ranges. Best compatibility with rubber. Balance between the wet grip and rolling resistance of tires. Improved ageing properties of tires. Lower oil migration from rubber. Using offered oils improves process characteristics of rubber formulations and performance of tires produced through increase of their durability and fuel economy, decrease of noise and price reduction. High level of aromatics content (min 25%) provides better wet grip improving driving safety.

Market application codes

08001017 Industrial chemicals
08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals
08001021 Other speciality chemicals

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Area of partner's activity

1. Producers of tyres, synthetic rubber, various types of belts (fan belts, synchronous belts, conveyor belts, etc.), rubber compounds and different rubber products willing to use offered chemical compounds in their production process. 2. Distributors and commercial agents cooperating on basis of agency agreement with level of commission depending on quantity of sold products.


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