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Polish clothing manufacturer offers sewing services

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A Polish SME specialized in the production of high quality garments like: suits, wedding suits, men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers and outerwear, is looking for business partners in Europe and Norway, Israel, Russia, Nord America. This company is offering its services on the basis of subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

This well-established Polish company situated in Cracow was founded in 2007. The company is specialised in production of ready to wear and made to measure, formal and casual wear. The company offers mid to high-end clothing like: suits, wedding suits, men's and women's jackets, coats, trousers and outerwear. The company prepares prototypes and commercial collections as well as realizes series production (also short series). This modern manufacturer can provide variety of designs that requires the highest manufacturing skills and carefulness for details. They are very precise in the execution of the pieces and very keen about providing the highest quality of services for the partner in clothing industry. A wide range of their clothing assortment can be mixed with different elements, with beautiful finishing and using exquisite fabrics. They are specialized in fused and half-canvas jacket's production. The company is working on clients' fabrics (wool, wool blends, cotton, viscose) and provide trimmings and also analytical services, involving testing raw materials received from their clients. According to their clients' requirements, they gather the necessary documentation and complete the production in the most reputable factories in Poland. The company is well equipped to provide full production cycle - preparation of technical patterns, actual garment prototyping, grading, manufacturing. This dynamic client is continuously developing its production capacities, in order to be able to fulfil the requirements of those foreign partners that externalize these specialized services involved in clothing manufacturing. They are working for classical and modern labels and also on special products like kosher suits. The company was named "The Best Polish Exporter" of garments to France for the year 2011 and "The Company with Energy" as one of the best Polish Exporters in 2015. In 2016 they received the award in a competition "Regional Export Eagles". The Polish SME is offering its professional services on the basis of subcontracting or manufacturing agreement for foreign companies active in the clothing sector. This company is offering to become a subcontractor and to support some of the obligations of the foreign contractor. Also, the SME is offering to manufacture certain textile products e.g. suits, coats, trousers and outerwear for a foreign partner who has developed a product in the clothing industry.

Innovations and advantages

Their advantages are: experience, carefulness for details, high quality control with high quality products, flexibility, individual approach to each client, short delivery terms, professional logistic. Their know-how enable them to develop patterns with a perfect fit. They can create a complete style documentation based on client's sketch, picture or technical file. They are in close partnership with factories specialised in a manufacturing of different types of cloths that enable them to offer diverse products of a perfect quality, like formal, business suits, jackets and trousers, casual cotton or cotton blends jackets and trousers, dyed garments. The company is already engaged in transnational co-operation in: France, Canada, Ukraine. The firm employs highly skilled workers.

Market application codes

09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for foreign main contractor active in the clothing sector that would assign some of the obligations on the base of subcontracting. Also, the Polish SME is looking for foreign company which has developed a product in the clothing sector and needs to manufacture certain textile products on the base of manufacturing agreement. This company is looking for manufactures, brands, retailers and wholesalers of men's and woman's formal and casual wear who needs a reliable producer of garments especially: business, wedding, casual suits, jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses, coats. Their partner should deliver fabrics: wool, wool & silk, other wool blends, polyol, cotton, cotton elastin, poly cot ton. The Polish SME is offering its professional services on the basis of subcontracting or manufacturing agreement for foreign partners active in the clothing sector in Europe and Norway, Israel, Russia, Nord America.


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