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Platform for playing alongside a band of real musicians in a computer

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A small Basque (North of Spain) audio recording studio has developed a music practice software for education and leisure purposes. The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents in Europe and is also open to other types of cooperation with different kinds of companies and musicians that include licencing and investing agreements.

Offer description

This music practice software presents music in a way that offers a new experience to music fans and learners.It is the simplest way to improve one's music skills at home by playing alongside a live band. All songs are recorded exclusively with real musicians using the highest quality audio and video formats for an unprecedented virtual learning experience Once a piece is selected, the interaction with the musicians is done in different ways: a) Volume control; mute or listen to any performer playing solo, b) Follow the musical score for each instrument, c) Change views to zoom in for a close study of every hand movement, d) Different speeds for the track, e) Loop sections of a song and control of the metronome. The user can choose from over 200 songs available from classical, jazz, blues, vocals. and over 25 instruments including electric bass, guitar, piano, oboe, clarinet, cello, flute, saxophone, bassoon, trumpet, violin, drums, vocals and more. The access to the didactic material is done through a subscription that allows the user have endless hours of practice as a soloist, duo, trio, quartet, etc. The company is interested in distributing and commercializing the developed software and is also willing to contact other partners that will allow them to either license the musical content, expand the didactic material and/or invest in the tool.

Innovations and advantages

The platform is an easy-to-use device to play at home for music students and aficionados as they can rehearse with high-quality recordings of live musicians and interactive learning tools adjustable to the user's pace. It is also a complementary tool for teachers for their traditional music lessons. It has been designed by music teachers and audio recording professionals to make music learning fun. It widens the audience to music students and enthusiasts through the latest technology. The software is available both online and offline through multiple formats; the user can choose from a web browser version, an offline standalone application to run right on a desktop, the Chrome app or the one available through Facebook.

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01004013 Didactic System
11002 Education and Training
11007 Sports and Leisure

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02007007 Applications software
07001006 Music, records, production and instruments
07005004 Education and educational products and materials

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The company is looking for different types of cooperation: - Agents and distributors involved in Education, Ict, Performing Arts with experience in sale, - Independent artists, recording studios and musical ensembles that can help the company widen their repertoroire and educational footprint into many different genres, - Music publishers interested in exploiting and licensing musical content, - School and music Institutions that could make use of the tool to create their own custom music tracks for classroom learning (the company already works with local music academies and associations in Spain and is quite satisfied with the obtained results) - Music Patron / Investor. Music education is a universal language that could be of interest to investors, sponsors and the like. The platform is really a user-friendly tool. It runs on any kind of computer.


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