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Partners sought for French tactile interactive showcases for advertisement of brands and products

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A French SME works in the field of software and 3D graphic animation contents development. It offers its new tactile showcase to enterprises willing to improve the advertisement of their brands or items. This product displays numeric advertising contents and can be installed in commercial centres, airports, train and subway stations, hotels, supermarkets, etc. The enterprise wants to cooperate through commercial agency agreements or acting as a subcontractor.

Offer description

This French SME is specialized in developing software and 3D graphic animation programmes. It has gained over the years a special know-how in developing tactile interfaces suited for the needs of different sectors. Having been created in 2010, it is already engaged in transnational cooperation with big enterprises. The enterprise is offering a totally new product consisting of an interactive and connected tactile showcase suited for the advertisement of brands or items such as wines, spirits, jewellery, watches, leather goods (handbags, wallets, shoes, suitcases) and others. The advertised product is physically present inside the showcase, and is staged through a graphic animation of numeric contents (texts, pictures, videos). Those contents are displayed through a remotely administrated HTML page which is designed by the enterprise in close collaboration with the client. Those tactile advertisement interfaces are meant to be installed in places such as shops, commercial centres, airports, train and subway stations, supermarkets, cruise boats and any other places where there are advertisement possibilities for brands and products. Its dimensions and its layout (portrait, landscape) are adaptable to the client’s needs. The company wants to cooperate under commercial agency agreements or acting as a subcontractor, in order to expand the international installation of those tactile showcases. It offers a remote technical assistance for the product’s maintenance and update, as well as a customization of the product following the client expectations.

Innovations and advantages

This enterprise has been commercializing for 5 years tactile interfaces, cooperating with commercial centres, restaurants, hotels and cruise boats where its product has proven their efficiency. It has therefore experience in installing and maintaining such interfaces, and in cooperating with big partners. The interested partners will enjoy a totally cutting-edge product, which has no equivalent in its market. Its main advantage is to allow a considerable improvement of a product or a brand advertisement in places presenting strategic marketing potentialities (commercial centres, airports, train and subway stations, hotels, supermarkets, etc.). The integration of the physical product within a showcase displaying numeric contents (texts, pictures and videos) and with which the customer can interact represents a totally new customer experience which is likely to raise a lot of interest around the advertised products. Another major strength of the product is to be very adaptable to the client’s needs. The enterprise has the ability to customize the numeric contents following the client’s expectations, and those are displayed in respect of the client’s thematic graphic standards and logo. A remote control assistance is offered with the product, allowing an easy maintenance and update of the application and of the contents. Those advantages have already raised the interest of various luxury brands as well as airports and cruise companies.

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02002 Computer Graphics Related
07001003 Toys and electronic games

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Area of partner's activity

The enterprise is looking for commercial agents that could facilitate the installation of the offered tactile showcases in commercial centres, hotels, airports cruise boats, and others. The agent should therefore have a broad commercial network in those areas. The enterprise is also open to act as a subcontractor, for clients that would have special requirements regarding the customization of the product. The enterprise has the full ability to respond this type of orders.


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