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Partners sought for advanced design simulation tools via subcontracting or services agreements

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A British SME with extensive experience in design and manufacturing simulation such as computational fluid dynamics, finite element analysis or aerodynamics/hydrodynamics offers an array of tools to reduce the design cycle and to test components before putting them in operational environment. The company is looking to engage with partners from different sectors such as aerospace, automotive, marine, food manufacturing etc. via subcontracting or services agreements.

Offer description

The North West UK based SME is highly specialised in design and manufacturing simulation and provide bespoke technical computing. They offer game changing technologies to the most complex and challenging design analysis and manufacturing endeavours especially in the automotive, aerospace, defence, food and polymer sector. Design simulation tools on offer are: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD): They offers CFD tools that uses numerical analysis and algorithms to solve and analyse problems that involve fluid flows. Their unique tool helps commercial and in-house solvers in post-processing and visualisation of computational fluid dynamics data. It can help end users to evaluate their largest simulations or models including transient data thoroughly and effectively. Aerodynamics/Hydrodynamics Solutions: Their extensive suite of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics analysis tools offers fast turnaround computational fluid dynamics for aerodynamics and hydrodynamics applications. Companies can assess new designs, and can analyse new components on existing aircraft and can radically reduce the design cycle time. Finite element Analysis (FEA): FEA is a computerised method for predicting how a product reacts to real world forces, vibration, heat, fluid flow and other physical effects. The company has a full suite of software for interpretation, presentation and communication of FEA results. Workflow automation and design optimisation: Tools which provides a highly visual environment for integrating all design applications and codes for multidisciplinary design and analysis. This tool enables users to make model-based engineering frameworks and provides an environment that enables users to explore and understand the design space. And finally, it provides a digital library that improves productivity and collaboration by enabling users to capture, preserve, manage, share, and reuse engineering knowledge and data products. The company has already been engaged in international activities and currently they are looking to target Eastern European countries for subcontracting and service agreements. The potential partner should be from the sectors such as aerospace, robotics, automotive, food manufacturing etc.

Innovations and advantages

One of the main advantages of using the tools highlighted in the description section is to reduce the downtime and to increase throughput in the "design-to-manufacturing process". Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation tools have high impact in industries such as aerospace, automotive, building HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), oil and gas etc. The major savings in the complex industries such as aerospace comes from the fact that how much time and materials are saved in the process of designing and testing of components. The offered suite of aerodynamics/hydrodynamics solutions enables users to rapidly model and analyse the most complex configuration and users can rapidly assess and design new components consequently resulting time and cost saving.

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01003016 Simulation

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02007024 Programming services/systems engineering

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Area of partner's activity

The company is interested in working with partners from aerospace, automotive, defense, marine, or food manufacturing sector who are looking to improve their processes through design simulation. The main partnership agreement envisaged is subcontracting or service agreements. The company is open to provide demonstration of their innovative tools before engaging via agreements.


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