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Partners for commercialization of Portuguese off-the-shelf application for energy efficiency management in non-industrial facilities via commercial agency agreements (with or without technical assistance) are sought

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A Portuguese software house, specialized in the development of customized information systems for both large and small organizations, has developed a modular, scalable, and easy to install off-the-shelf energy efficiency management application for large and complex non-industrial buildings.The company is looking for partners providing either HVAC services or building automation systems for non-industrial customers who could represent the company's solution via commercial agency agreements.

Offer description

This SME span out of the academic universe in 2012 thanks to the successful implementation of several information systems projects for major clients in Portugal. The company builds on the market experience and academic background of its founders and team of engineers and consultants - with a deep understanding of IT systems - to develop tailor-made solutions for different types of clients: large retail stores, shopping centers, waste management facilities, universities, wind parks, manufacturing companies, to name a few. The platform of knowledge resulting from this portfolio of customized IT systems projects has been used by the Portuguese SME to create a standard, yet customizable intelligent energy efficiency management application, which has been receiving very positive customer feedback. This is a web based software for the management of energy in nonindustrial facilities with complex and technical challenges (e.g.: hospitals, hotels, university campus, shopping centers, large retail stores) and a powerful tool for any building owner / manager who wants to reduce energy costs and optimize sustainability without compromising occupant comfort. Allowing either a "Software as a Service" or a "Pay as you Go" business model strategy, the developed solution was built to serve global markets and different types of customers managing or owning nonindustrial yet large and complex facilities and requires minimal setup. The Portuguese SME is interested in establishing commercial agency agreements (with our without technical assistance) with companies providing either comprehensive and advanced HVAC services or building automation systems to nonindustrial customers whereby they would represent the Portuguese SME’s solution in external markets. Although remote technical support can be provided by the Portuguese SME, potential partners are also expected to hold IT expertise should they be required to evaluate the local conditions and determine the best communication options for the installation of the solution in the customer’s facilities.

Innovations and advantages

The solution: 1. Specifically conceived for the management of energy in nonindustrial infrastructures with complex and technical challenges (e.g.: hospitals, hotels, university campus, shopping centers, large retail stores), is available in the customer’s native language. 2. With a modular and expandable architecture, it can be installed in the cloud or in-house and seamlessly integrated with third-party solutions. 3. Allows customers (building operators / facility managers) to gain increased and extended control of their buildings’ energy performance and reduce maintenance and operational costs while improving occupant comfort. Customers can: - Establish and track energy metrics drilled down from corporate KPIs; - Manage several facilities and several energy sources from a unique access point, at the same time, and on a daily basis; - Benchmark facilities in a building as far as their energy performance is concerned; - Monitor and compare energy use profiles throughout time to easily detect any deviation in the energy use patterns; (Data quality assurance and smart alarming systems allow customers to easily identify energy and operational performance outliers). - Manage several energy supply contracts; - Simulate and benchmark alternative tariff schemas and validate energy bills; - Gain access to detailed, readable, meaningful and visual advanced reports to support business decisions; - Export stored data to Excel or CSV files and import data from these files to the application’s data warehouse - Easily set up the application to meet their requirements, business KPIs and energy efficiency goals. - Calculate their building’s carbon footprint. 4. Runs on Microsoft and SQL servers.

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01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01003020 Building Automation Software

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02007007 Applications software
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Area of partner's activity

The company is interested in entering commercial agency agreements (with our without technical assistance) with advanced HVAC services or building automation systems providers working with entities managing or owning nonindustrial facilities with technical challenges. Partners are expected to include the developed solution in their offer and market it to potential target users. They may also have to support end-customers with the assessment of local conditions in order to determine the best communication options to install the solution. Therefore, they should hold IT expertise. Partners sought must be specialized in advanced HVAC services or in building automation systems and their customer database should include entities managing or owning nonindustrial large facilities. By means of a commercial agency agreement (with our without technical assistance), partners are expected to act as agents and therefore, launch and implement the developed solution in their customers. Partners should have IT consulting capacity as they may be asked to support the end-customer with the identification of the best communication options available for the setup of the solution in the facilities / sites concerned.


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