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Outsourcing or services agreement offered for determination of microbiological populations using genetic tools

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A Spanish research laboratory uses genomic tools to determine the microbiological diversity of any given sample. The process is based on global DNA isolation, labelling and massive parallel sequencing. Studies can be extended to analyse gene expression profiles, which point out which genes show an active behaviour and influence over biological processes. They are looking for partners interested in outsourcing or services agreement.

Offer description

The Spanish research group has a wide experience in analysing microbiological populations. Using a combination of DNA and/or RNA sequencing a detailed description of a microbiological status can be obtained. The material to be anayzed is an unprocessed sample from soil, water, animal or human origin. Finely tuned PCR (polymerase chain reaction) reagents are used to amplify specific regions of a very well mapped gene, which allows taxonomical diversity analyses by mapping the obtained sequences against the data stored in the database. Samples are labelled with individual barcodes to get the most from each sequencing run. Typically, a number of > 100,000 reads are obtained from every sample, which equals to the analysis of 100,000 individual molecules which represent the original microbiological diversity. In a second phase (optional) the study might be completed by gene expression (RNA) analysis launched to discover actively expressed genes. Procedure involves sequencing of > 5 million reads per sample followed by different bioinfomatic procedures as to obtain a detailed map of expressed genes. They are looking for agrofood or clinical companies interested in outsourcing or services agreement. Agrofood companies for the authentication of products with commercial value, and clinical companies for the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases.

Innovations and advantages

It skips any need for microbiological cultures, which allows a deep and realistic view of bacterial populations.

Technology keywords

06003001 Bioinformatics
06003002 Gene Expression, Proteom Research

Market application codes

04014 Bioinformatics
04015 Gene Expression, Proteome Research
05001001 Diagnostic services
05008002 Food and feed ingredients
05009001 Food & feed ingredients

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Type of partner sought

They are looking for agrofood companies interested in improving the microbiological diversity of their products, of for quality control. For determining the presence of genetically modified organisms in raw materials and finished products for authentication of products in which fraud can occur by replacing other species of less commercial value. And also clinical companies with specific needs on knowing the active microorganisms that are present in a biological sample (bacterial flora) in order to improve their diagnostics: for finding and characterization of pathogens, detection of genetic polymorphisms, diagnosis of cancer, and helping diagnosing infectious diseases.


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