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Online platform of innovative products for tourism technologies

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A research group from a Spanish University has developed an online platform to connect seekers and suppliers of innovative ideas related to products and technological solutions for the tourism sector, reducing risk and time to market to invest in R&D projects efficiently. Research institutes, entrepreneurs, innovative companies, clusters and chambers of commerce are sought to carry out service agreements.

Offer description

A research group from a Spanish University specializes in the áreas of Web Performance engineering and Performance Engineering of Ambient Intelligence Systems offers an open innovation tool of innovative ideas for the tourism sector with the aim of connecting professional organizations, researchers, companies and entrepreneurs, as the first open platform specialized in tourism and its technologies that makes it possible to offer innovative ideas, sell innovative products or request specific solutions for innovative projects in this sector. How? Users can offer their ideas in search of funding or share their products worldwide, ask for advice from a mentor or request for specialized solutions for critical projects. They can also find specific solutions for the tourism industry, meeting experts with the needed skills. The users will be able to easily control their offers and requests. This open market has three budget plans that cater to the needs of clients: a freemium option for beginner innovators and SMEs which allows the publication of an infinite number of offers and requests, a basic option for expert innovators in growth and expansion which includes a proactive and consulting search (added-value services) and a premium option for associations and clusters which allows the creation of an own Open Innovation Marketplace. What can be offered or requested? Central reservation solutions for hotels, a web booking engine, technologies related to food delivery, e-marketing applications for mobile devices, solutions for facial recognition and opinion detection, etc. Searched partners are: clusters, entrepreneurs, innovative companies and associations, chambers of commerce and research institutes to carry out service agreement. Services agreement will consist in rendering innovation matching services through the platform described above. The platform also offers the possibility to clusters, associations of innovative enterprises and chambers of commerce to have an administrator access to the mentioned platform and manage the profiles of their own clients.

Innovations and advantages

The platform allows increasing visibility and expanding networking contacts and relations through the publishing of creative and innovative products and technological solutions addressed to the tourism sector. Furthermore, the tool makes it possible to seek for professionals, researchers or innovative companies available in a quick and easy way. It helps increasing the innovative capacity of a company by complementing internal innovation and finding adequate technological solutions. Whether companies and organizations that may need an innovative solution in this sector, as well as inventors or entrepreneurs who are willing to offer their ideas or innovative products worldwide can ask for advice from a mentor or request for specialized solutions for critical projects, helping them to reduce risks and time to market to invest in R+D projects efficiently.

Technology keywords

01004002 Applications for Tourism
01006007 Research Networking, GRID
11008 Creative services

Market application codes

01004003 Communications processors/network management
02007005 Communications/networking
02007022 Software services
02007023 Web semantics

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Type of partner sought

Clusters,entrepreneurs, innovative companies, associations of innovative enterprises, chambers of commerce and research institutes are sought to carry out services agreement.


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