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Oil bonding products and new applications for recycled leather granules

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A German company producing various oil bonding products based on recycled leather granules is looking for distributors of their products and for partners interested in using the properties of the produced leather granules for other applications or products, such as filters, insulation materials, flooring, fibres etc.

Offer description

The German company offers solutions for environment protection and for rapid disposal of leak, sludge and oil contamination (as well as many other chemical contaminations). Its products are based on granules of recycled leather such as shoes or scraps of industrial leather. Its clients are: industry, trade, commerce and public institutions, especially from: • metalworking; • chipping, milling, pressing, drilling (with solid cooling lubricants); • trucks operating companies, public and trade traffic companies; • petrol and mineral oil companies, petrol stations, tank cleaner; • port associations, shipping and navy; • wind parks, energy provider, turbines industry; • also private car owners and rally car drivers. The company offers its bonding products for environment and employees protection in particular: • to avoid slipping out and work accidents; • dust-free cleaning of oil-contaminated grounds; • extension of the therm of solid cooling lubricants (metalworking); • separation of oil/water mixture in the sewage, bilge, collecting tanks; • absorption of oil in workshops, garages, machine pedestals, engine sheds in railways systems, rain storage reservoirs. The company is looking for distributors of these products. Additionally, the company would like to use the good characteristic of the produced leather granules for other applications and products. It can be used for example in filter systems for filtering oil dust, oil/water mixtures and other sludge. Furthermore, the material shows also high insulating properties and can be used for sound and thermal insulation. (Technical data regarding the properties can be provided). The company is thus looking for partners interested in the granules in order to use its properties for further development of new products and applications.

Innovations and advantages

The company uses a renewable, resource friendly raw material to produce an organic granulate with extremely high absorbing capacity: 1 kg X-Oil oil bonding granules absorb up to 5 liters oil into 2 minutes, also from the water surface. It can be also used for other chemicals. Furthermore the material shows good insulation characteristics. The range of offered products includes mats, cushions, tubes and booms bonding mats with tight bottom side. It offers 3 standard sizes, but can fabricate special sizes on customer's request. Mats can be connected with press buttons to large carpets. The oil mats are certified. The company offers its clients a laundry service for the oil bonding products.

Market application codes

08004002 Chemical and solid material recycling
08004004 Other pollution and recycling related

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Area of partner's activity

The German company is looking for: 1) Distributors for the German market and adjoining countries for the bonding products for leak, sludge and oil contamination (including granules, mats, cushions, tubes and booms). 2) Partners, for examples manufacturers of filter systems, for using the characteristic of the leather granules for filtering of oil dust, oil/water mixtures and other sludge. 3) Partners for further development and/or distribution of the leather granules as insulation material. 4) Partners interested in receiving the recycled leather or the granules to produce leather fibre, flooring or other products.


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