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Novel home automation solution, offered for subcontracting or distribution

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The Romanian IT company is offering a unique ubiquitous home automation solution provided with user behavior learning algorithms and adaptive functions that replicate this behavior. The system is learning and implementing the environment the user would like to find himself in.The company is offering to become a subcontractor for partners interested to embed this novel solution in other home solutions. The distribution of its products on international markets is also of interest to the company.

Offer description

The Romanian SME, located in Northern Transylvania, has over 15 years of experience in providing solutions and services for the automation of radio stations and networks. The company has developed software solutions for radio stations and in-store background music, only addressing the domestic market so far. Over 250 radio stations are nowadays using the company's radio broadcasting software in Romania. Following the general uptrend of the IoT (Internet of Things) market, the company recently developed a software solution for smart home automation, provided with artificial intelligence. The product not only controls certain appliances in the house at the user's express command, but has also the unique capability at the moment to learn from interacting with users and to adapt to their individual preferences after a certain period of data storage (2-3 weeks). Thus, by learning from the user's habits and previous preferences, the system will be able to autonomously identify and apply their upcoming environmental preferences.. Basically, once installed, the system does not require pre- programming from a specialist or his intervention whenever the client wants to change something in functioning. The solution continuously adapts the way of functioning by learning user's habits, extracting patterns of usage history and applying appropriate controls without explicit interaction (phone / tablet) from the user. The user should only be present in a room and the system will automatically adapt to their needs. The interaction with the system during the learning period is done either with conventional light switches, remote controls, thermostats, or by phone / tablet. The system can work wirelessly over existing electrical infrastructure, without major changes in the type of wiring, or even wired. The company offers an online cost estimation for the solution, based on several configuration criteria. The pre-configuring of the smart modules and their working logic is provided by the company, as well as all the support for the installation procedure. The company is looking to subcontract or to distribute this novel home solution on international markets.

Innovations and advantages

- worldwide first home automation system provided with artificial intelligence that learns the user's habits and replicate them according to their previous preferences. - a home automation system that controls every smart or electronic device in the house under a single interface and is capable of orchestrating the communication between all the connected devices in order to ensure the preferable environment for the user. - the company is defined by its preoccupation with the future through excellence in innovation, evidenced by the fact that its innovation management is being audited in the frame of a European project - the company created the first Romanian radio automation software, becoming the main provider for radio stations in Romania - the only outdoor radio network in Romania, that broadcasts in bus stops, is owned and operated by the company

Technology keywords

01003015 Knowledge Management, Process Management
01003025 Internet of Things

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02007007 Applications software
02007008 Business and office software
02007009 Home software
02007016 Artificial intelligence related software
02007027 Other software services

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Type of partner sought

The company is primarily trying to find a partner with relevant experience in integrating smart home automation solutions into intelligent domestic devices. The partner should be interested to subcontract a part of a specific contract to the company. Secondarily, the company is looking for a distributor, with relevant experience on international markets in the envisaged software domain.


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