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Multilingual services in online and digital marketing (web localization, multilingual SEO planning, analysis and diagnosis and social media strategies abroad) and internationalization consulting (translation and localization)

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Spanish communication company offers a wide range of multilingual services. The services offered are: translation, interpreting, digital marketing, social media update and maintenance, SEO planning, analysis and diagnosis in the required languages. They are seeking a long term relationship, through subcontracting or services/outsourcing agreements, with those enterprises, which require multilingual services for its internationalization strategies and/or online strategies abroad.

Offer description

This spanish SME, unlike the traditional translation companies, does not simply offer document's translations or provide interpreting services, but they also work as a global language services provider offering consultancy services along the process of translation, localization or internationalization and providing multilingual digital marketing solutions. They use a comprehensive and innovative approach with appropriate infrastructures and technology and multidisciplinary professionals to ensure customers from very different industries and markets can communicate effectively with their target audiences. The main factors that make them a cutting edge company in its sector are based on its capacity in the areas of translation and localization and its capability to adapt their solutions and services to the requirements and needs of the customers. Knowing how to identify the solution that best suits the customer is the basis of the company’s philosophy and the solutions and services offered are specifically tailored to each customer’s requirements. Their range of tailored services is deployed on the basis that each service acquires its own value: translation, localization, interpreting or consulting. They consist of: -Translation & interpreting: specialized translation, sworn translation, multimedia & videogames translation projects, proofreading and layout -Multilingual digital marketing: localization and websites, multilingual SEO strategies and controlling, and social media updating and maintenance. By the localization, is where the the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) concept acquires full meaning, as it is designed to naturally influence the results of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. This makes possible to increase the visibility of websites in the “natural results” of the search engines. The company has a team of translators, copywriters and experts in the target market to enable the client to develop global SEO strategies which will lead to an increase in the visibility on search engines and in the website traffic. Thanks to the SEO solutions, clients will be able to efficiently manage their commercial efforts on the Internet in different languages, and also to design a comprehensive web marketing plan that includes suitable SEO strategies, updating and maintenance of social network, SEO analyses and diagnostics and, finally, preparing and writing the SEO content in all of the languages required. The aim of the company is to develop a long term relationship with those enterprises, which require multilingual services for its internationalization strategies and/or online strategies abroad. Consequently, the enterprise is offering subcontracting or services/ outsourcing agreements.

Innovations and advantages

Unlike other businesses in the industry, this companies offers a remarkably different approach in: -Not only serving as a plain translation company, but as a real multilingual communication partner, providing a valuable support during the internationalization or globalization processes. -Relying on an experienced team of experts with proved expertise in their working areas. -Being competitive in terms of price and deadlines, thanks to a grown-up structure. -Guaranteeing quality and standards. -Showing a highly responsive approach on each project. -Using cutting-edge technologies to provide each services, being up to date, and with innovative aspects and advantages such as: *Translation management software (corporate version), which allows a communication and file exchange customised platform for our customers. *An online monitoring tool, to automatically get contents from the customer's media in order to get them translated on an urgent basis (perfect for social media and blog posts). *Content creation and copywriting, so we can create and translate all kind of contents, all at the same time, etc.

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01005004 Human Language Technologies
01006013 Communications Protocols, Interoperability
11004 Technology, Society and Employment
11008 Creative services

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01006004 Communications services
02007004 Program development tools/languages
09003005 Consulting services
09003006 Media related services

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Area of partner's activity

- Type of partner sought: companies under their internationalization process or with online digital marketing strategies abroad. - Specific area of activity of the partner: all types. - Task to be performed: co-working for internationalization and localization projects.


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