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Multi-dimensional notations for dignity and development offered under license

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A Swedish SME, who is a world leading producer of notation systems, develops and licences universal and intuitive symbol systems to describe processes in a variety of disciplines, from industry to sports. The company is looking for partners of any discipline, who see the potential of using a notation system within their specific fields. The expected type of collaboration is a license agreement, alternatively a subcontracting arrangement.

Offer description

Words can be the biggest obstacles to communication, development and innovation. Universal notations, like blueprints, technical notation, musical notation, chemistry formulas, math formulas, maps and hundreds of other notations make it possible to perform and develop without even speaking the same language. The Swedish SME creates and licenses the use of notations for a wide range of disciplines, such as industry processes and sports. Multi-dimensional notations have altered the path of history before and will likely do it again. The goal of these notations is that they will reform knowledge transfer in their various disciplines. Examples of market applications: * Plays, tactics, strategy, movements, turns in sports, e g player movements or notations for precision sports * Processes in industry, logistics, transportation, e g warehousing, logistics, maintenance work, greasing, repair, instructions, manuals, ... The mission of this notation system is to do for the understanding of various processes within industry, sports and other disciplines what music notation has done to music. Today, the company has performed pilot studies for Swedish sports associations and has far-reaching discussions with several potential clients, such as suppliers of energy, water, heating/cooling, broadband and waste disposal, as well as the Swedish women's soccer team. The SME is looking for partners of various disciplines, e g industry and sports, who see the potential of using a multi-dimensional notation system within their specific fields. The collaboration is primarily expected to be of a license agreement nature, i e the partner licenses the right to use the notation system within a specific field. If required, e g in R&D projects, the SME can also offer visualization expertise on a subcontracting basis.

Innovations and advantages

The strongest reason for the radical significance of notations is that they have the ability to carry knowledge over time as well as space; knowledge too complex for words to carry. Potent notations transform silent, implicit knowledge to easily spread, explicit knowledge. Words do not work in the same intuitive manner as maps and blueprints resemble features and nature. The better the notation is, the more multi-dimensional knowledge it can carry in an intuitive way. Musical notes enable musicians from all over the world, who might not be able to speak to each other, to instantaneously play – and develop – advanced music; music they never heard before. When knowledge is allowed to be transferred, the possibilities increase for people with different languages, to develop together.

Market application codes

07001005 Sport facilities (gyms and clubs)
08002003 Process control equipment and systems
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
08006001 Process control and logistics
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner sought: Industry, academy, sports associations, ... Specific area of activity of the partner: Any area where written instructions and information occur and may be replaced by multi-dimensional notations Tasks to be performed: Providing application areas upon which multi-dimensional notations may be applied, and either license the notation system for further developing and tailoring, or utilize the SME's visualization expertise on a subcontracting basis.


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