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Modern metal warehouse furniture offered by a Polish SME under distribution services agreement

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A Polish SME from metal processing sector offers various types of metal furniture such as cupboards, clothing lockers, adjustable office and workshop tables, safe cabinets including tag reading RFID (Radio Frequency ID) models and is looking for distributors. The company offers also to be a subcontractor and producer of non-standard metal constructions. Subcontracting agreement can be considered in this case.

Offer description

This Polish medium-sized company from metal processing sector is present on the market since 1990. It is specialised in manufacture of metal furniture, castings and other lightweight metal constructions. The portfolio comprises different categories of metal furniture such as: - multi-tier lockers and clothing lockers for cloakrooms at schools, in the gyms and fitness clubs or swimming pools - warehouse cupboards - adjustable workshop tables - safe cabinets. All the production takes place in 2 plants in central Poland. Machine park includes all necessary equipment e.g.: - folding machines - press brakes - bending cell - laser cutting machines - punching press - MIG, MAG and TIG welders - laser welding machine - powder coating plant with powder management system. At the moment the company employs 160 workers and about 35% of its production is exported, mainly to EU countries. In view to further expansion the company seeks distributors of its standard products. In particular, it is interested in distribution of its warehouse furniture and the RFID cabinets in EU countries, UK, Norway, Switzerland, Serbia Russia and Ukraine. The distribution services agreement is offered in this case. The Polish company also wants to be a subcontractor and accepts orders for non-standard metal constructions. On request they can: - manufacture a product based on the prototype submitted by a partner - complete orders using documentation provided by a partner - design and manufacture products with specific orders in mind, on the basis of the partner's needs and specific technical requirements. Their own design office performs design calculations using SolidEdge and AutoCad. They carry out orders for both large and small lots. Such processes as designing, UV printing, welding and cutting as well as powder coating are in the offer. Subcontracting agreement is considered as a type of cooperation.

Innovations and advantages

The company operates under 9001:2015 certificate. The machine park allows for large flexibility in production of non-standard constructions including diverse dimensions and colors, even for small batches. The offer has been extended with an innovative line of products – tag reading RFID (Radio Frequency ID) cabinets which are remotely controlled by means of radio waves. The system comprises at least one RFID cabinet with application software operated through the touch screen and a tag reading antenna, and the database software installed on a physical or virtual server for collecting data related to users and items stored in the cabinets. Cabinets with controlled access prove to be perfect for use in the offices, health care facilities (to store medicines or medical documentation), industrial plants or civil engineering facilities (to protect tools and equipment against damage or stealing). Quality auditors supervise manufacturing processes to ensure that products are consistent with the design documentation and the requirements defined in the inspection plan. They also guarantee that a final product meets the Polish and international quality standards.

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07004005 Furnishing and Furniture

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Type of partner sought

In case of distribution services agreement Type of company: Trade Area of activity: Trade of furniture for specific use Role of partner sought: to act as a distributor in its region/country In case of subcontracting agreement - Type of partner sought: industrial companies that need special non-standard metal constructions. - Role of partner sought: partner should provide the Polish company with the specification of the ordered processes/products.



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