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Modern construction structures made of glued laminated timber offered under subcontracting

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The company from North West Poland offers a HBE (home-base exploiting) system for massive wooden structures made of laminated timber. They offer high quality complex services - from design through production and delivery to montage. The manufacturer offers its services for construction companies as a subcontractor.

Offer description

A Polish company offers laminated timber HBE system for massive wooden structures. This innovative technology introduced to the market in 2010 ensures compliance with all requirements set out for modern buildings. Its main advantages are high quality, ease of composition and possibility to customize the project to the customer's needs, excellent noise and fire protection, as well as the ability to accumulate high levels of heat. The company offers comprehensive services from the design, through production of laminated timber to the final montage. The company is an exclusive distributor of one of the world's oldest and largest manufacturers of laminated timber in Poland. Years-long experience ensures that the company can execute even the most sophisticated architectural concepts. In addition, high-end equipment and tools provide quality of workmanship achieved in a short time e.g. they have five-axis woodworking machine that ensures tooling of each side, which allows to save time, and gives 100% accuracy. In 2012, the company built 340 laminated wood constructions, and has delivered over 560 projects. The company has 2,600 m2 of a modern production line and office facilities. Wooden parts of the construction can be distributed or exported to other countries by cooperating transportation companies that are experienced in oversize transport. The company offers its services as a subcontractor. The company is looking for construction companies that are interested in building by using HBE system.

Innovations and advantages

Benefits associated with HBE construction system are as follows: - unique quality due to the high degree of prefabrication and of the subsequent short time of construction - the ability to customize the project - safe and carefully controlled construction material - a pleasant climate in a built rooms, regulating moisture diffusion (wood has the great ability to absorb and then release moisture, what ensures its optimum level) - excellent protection against noise and fire - from all building materials wood has the highest heat accumulation capacity, which results in the best thermal insulation in summer - it is possible to select facade i.e. plaster, clinker or formwork, what, in return, opens up numerous possibilities for design, both in modern or classical architecture - wood is the only construction material that can be sourced, processed and used at such low energy expenditure - installation of cupboards and additional equipment can be made directly in the wood. Wood surfaces may remain visible or be covered with gypsum boards - in Germany there are buildings from solid wood components measuring even 6 floors. In 2008 in Berlin the first building of seven floors was created The company has an extensive experience in construction industry. It operates on the market for over 10 years. They have strong market position and still develope their business. The comapany has been cooperating with partners in Polanad and abroad.

Market application codes

09007001 Construction companies
09007003 Distribution of building products and systems

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner sought: construction sector Specific area of activity of the partner: construction companies, architects Tasks to be performed: the company offers its services as a subcontractor. They are looking for construction companies and architects who would like to establish long term partnership in range of structures from glued laminated timber. The company provides complex services from the project, through transport to the final montage.


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