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Mobility intelligent management system looks for agents and offers outsourcing and joint-venture agreements

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Portuguese company that has developed an innovative system for operational management, localization and productivity management is looking for partners abroad, namely agents. The company also looks for partners interested in outsourcing or joint-venture agreements.

Offer description

Portuguese start-up, a spin-off of a public university, has developed a low cost intelligent system that combines cutting-edge technology of web system with mobility solutions, accessible to plan and control operations, workers, vehicles, locations and resources in real time. The company vision is to develop flexible, modern and low cost solutions that can contribute to increase the quality of life of its users and to increase the enterprise’s operational efficiency. The company is in the beginning of internationalization process, looking for business opportunities that allows their sustainable growth. Although the international strategy is not completely defined, the company has already an important international player for international distribution and relevant national players namely an important Portuguese media holding company and a developer and provider of a state-of-the art turn-by-turn navigation software for smartphones, automotive and personal navigation devices company. The system is composed by an app for mobile phones or tablets and also a web application for management: 1- The app allows workers to have permanently updated information regarding their tasks, allowing them to report to the central system, their execution progress. 2- The web application allow managers to plan and follow-up the tasks execution, as well as, to control in real time the company’s productivity and other business indicators. The automatic planning minimizes fuel cost, ensuring that all tasks are performed by the right worker (namely right qualifications), according to his specific geographic area of activity and the vehicle load capacity and load associated to each task. This system presents several benefits like for instance fuel savings, decrease vehicle maintenance costs and to manage the company resources, including human resources, more efficiently. The system is relevant for distinct industry sectors, namely: security (of physical installations), distribution and logistics, transport and any industry that relies on a sales workforce or that provides after sales technical maintenance. To increase their presence in international markets and to increase the visibility of their solution, the Portuguese company looks for partners interested in acting as agent. The company is also open to other types of partnership, like outsourcing or joint-venture where the Portuguese company can further develop a customization or a newly specific solution that can be sold with third party’s brand through revenue share.

Innovations and advantages

When compared with competition, the system developed by the Portuguese company does not have an acquisition cost, since the solution is cloud based and the app installation can be done in an app store. Other important advantage is related with driving analysis and automatic task planning that provides the optimal route regarding sustainability and ecologic aspects and allows to have important savings (namely fuel savings, vehicle maintenance related savings). The Portuguese company won first prize in one regional innovation contest for start-ups and second prize for a national innovation challenge which was important to give visibility to this company and their innovative solution. This external recognition allowed them to establish strategic partnerships with relevant players, at national level. The company is developing disruptive services and solutions related with data collection, business intelligence and visualization.

Technology keywords

01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
01004004 ASP Application Service Providing
01004007 GIS Geographical Information Systems
01004011 Maintenance Management System
01004012 Operation Planning and Scheduler System

Market application codes

08006001 Process control and logistics
09001002 Trucking
09001007 Other transportation

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Type of partner sought

Agents: at this stage the Portuguese company is looking for an agent that can represent the company abroad, increasing the visibility of their systems and selling their solutions. Outsourcing: the Portuguese company offers itself to partners that need a customized solution. Joint-venture: the Portuguese company is also interested in developing new and specific projects with foreign partners related with disruptive solutions and services linked with data collection, business intelligence and visualization.


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