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Micro data centre – large data centre features at a very small footprint. End users are sought for services agreements and suppliers for commercial agency/distribution agreements

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An East of England company has launched a micro data centre for small and medium organisations with mission critical server functionality. Proprietary cooling technology allows for all the features of a large data centre at a very small footprint. It is quick to install, scalable and remotely managed. End users across Europe are sought for services agreements, amongst manufacturers, hospitals, etc. Suppliers are sought for commercial agency/distribution agreements.

Offer description

An East of England company has been serving the data centre market since its early days. Over the years they have introduced award-winning designs and solutions in hot/cold aisle containment, security cages, and active roof technology. The company has own manufacturing facilities and installation engineers who have built both basic and very complex solutions in the UK and on the Continent. Being small, they also do bespoke manufacturing at short lead times. The company is now enjoying success in the UK with a new product and is urgently looking for European partners and end-users to benefit from a rapid market entry. A need in the market has been now addressed for a complete solution for owners of micro data centres. Both companies and public sector organisations (manufacturers, hospitals, online service providers) have mission-critical functions that they need dedicated servers for. On the one hand, they need the “five places after comma” uptime, on the other they have limited resources for their growing infrastructure. The server rooms and communications rooms are often unorganised – out of sight, out of mind. They only get the attention they deserve once something happens. The East of England company has now launched a fully contained, just-add-servers, micro data centre. It has all the functionality of a large data centre, only at a very small footprint. It delivers all the cooling, security and power supply options required for 19” racks. It can be installed almost anywhere over a weekend, where there is access to power and cooling pipework. See the pictures below. Benefitting from the deep expertise in air path management and environmental monitoring, it features excellent efficiency (PUE or Power Usage Effectiveness equals 1.21). It is scalable, secure and future proof. The intelligent control hub (second picture) allows for full remote monitoring and control from a mobile device. The UK company now seeks end users who are small or medium size but rely on mission critical server uptime, for services agreements. They also seek players in the supply chain who deliver such solutions, for commercial agency and distribution agreements. Such agreements may extend to the hot/cold aisle containment, security cages, and active roof technology.

Innovations and advantages

The design features proprietary cooling technology and standard data centre solutions in a very compact space. The advantages are several. To name a few, clients have noted increased server uptime, quick installation time, modularity and scalability for future growth.

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01002009 Peripherals Technologies (Mass Data Storage, Displays)
01003005 Computer Hardware
01003021 Remote Control
01006005 Network Technology, Network Security

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02001001 Mainframes
02001003 Fail safe computers
02003 Specialised Turnkey Systems
02005001 Terminals
02006008 Data storage

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End users across Europe are sought for services agreements, amongst manufacturers, hospitals, etc. Suppliers are sought for commercial agency/distribution agreements.


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