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Manufacturing banners, pennants, flags and accessories.

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A Romanian company produces banners, pennants, flags and accessories for these. The products can be customized for decorative, promotional, administrative, cultural or historical purpose in a wide range of dimensions. The finishes can also be various, starting with the simple flags for the outdoors until the complex flags for indoors with special finishes, with fringes and tassels. The company is looking for commercial agents and subcontracting agreements.

Offer description

The most important activity done by the Romanian company is the production of banners, pennants, flags, as well as the whole range of accessories needed for the objects above mentioned. The experience in the field, combined with the traditional methods and at the same time the assimilation of some modern technology, propelled the company in the place of the main producer of banners on a national level. The technology of the newest equipments in this field, gives the possibility for printing on large format on textiles. Prints can be made on a wide range of materials with various applications: materials for indoors/outdoors, shiny, mat, opaque, translucent. Besides the banners above mentioned, the company can also produce customized scarves, customized tablecloths, customized curtains. The customization can be made on the whole surface in color printing. There are also available materials like: materials for reproductions of paintings, elastic material for the production of sports equipment (T-shirts), materials to decorate the showcases, etc. Also the compay provides a complete range of accessories for banners, pennants, flags, etc. -Pennants/Flags props made of wood, metal, metal marble, with finishes that cover even the highest demands. - Spears and spears props made of wood and metal, for indoors as well as for outdoors. - Spun glass and aluminium spun masts with heights between 4,0 metres and 18,0 metres – this range includes telescopic masts for temporary actions, very easy to transport and use.The models are various. - Spun glass masts, permanent, with heights between 6,0 metres and 12,0 metres. It is necessary concrete foundation. For these products is provided support and technical assistance for installation. There also exist special masts that can reach the height of 18,0 metres. The company is looking for commercial agents in order to find new clients in any field of activity and worldwide. Also are expected subcontracting agreements from the manufacturing companies from the same field of activity.

Innovations and advantages

Various products made through printing, hand embroidery or mechanical.

Technology keywords

03005004 Finisher related to Textiles Technology

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
07005006 Other consumer services (including photo processing)
09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)

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Area of partner's activity

Agents in order to find clients among enterprises (customized banners for company headquarters, decoration of meeting rooms, pennants, flags for product launches, promotional campaigns, fairs, exhibitions, etc.), official institutions (administrative institutions, embassies, schools, etc.), sports clubs, hotels, political parties etc. Manufacturing company that needs to outsource its activity and/or manufacturing company that requests an additional service to their own manufacturing process.


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