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Manufacturer of nurse calling systems for hospitals seeks distributors

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A Hungarian SME specialized in manufacturing of sound and light signalling nurse calling system and nurse calling system with speaker connection would like to develop their export possibilities. The systems are used in general hospital rooms, intensive care, VIP hospital rooms, high quality social or old people’s homes. The company is looking for distributors to facilitate the commercialisation of these systems worldwide.

Offer description

The Hungarian SME founded in 2004 is market leader manufacturer company of nurse calling and bed head unit systems. The company has strong presence on the domestic market, they implemented their systems for more than 4200 hospital beds in 2015. Sound and light signalling nurse calling system This system presents sound and light signals from the patients’ side and alarm signals from lavatories. Installation is advisable wherever speaking contact is not necessary. In the central unit there is an alphanumeric display that shows the caller’s location distinguishing the ward from the lavatory respectively there are visible information about an attending nurse (e.g. “5 W ATT”) or delete the call (e.g. “5 W DELL”). According to particular expectations the information on the display is freely changeable. In the central unit, according to relevant standards, the deletion of calls are forbidden nurses are always forced to find the place of the call and are only able to delete the call there. LED displays, which are placed above the doors, are well visible even if the surrounding lights are intensive. They show the calling or the presence of a nurse. The system contains a nurse following function. Nurse calling system with speaker connection This nurse calling system provides a speaker connection between the nurse and the calling point. Installation of this system is advised for those places, where there is demand for high quality service, speaker connection between the nurse and patients in order to facilitate the nurse’s work, and other flexible functions. In the central unit there is a 16 digit alphanumeric display, which shows the location of the caller, including the room number, bed number and information about the presence of a nurse in the hospital room. The information shown on the display can be freely chosen, according to the wishes of the client. According to the current standards, it is not possible to delete calls in the central unit. Thus, the nurse always has to visit the calling point, and she can only delete the call in the relevant hospital room. The calling device has a reading lamp, and there is also a possibility of a radio function. Up to 32 hospital rooms can be served by 1 central unit. After the installation, the system can be updated or expanded anytime, regarding the central unit, number of rooms, and the number of calling points. Distributors are sought with established channels to hospitals to sell the systems.

Innovations and advantages

- The systems are very stable and have low risk maintenance costs. - The assembling process is simple, the systems can be installed by anyone with a weak current qualification, provided they are familiar with the installation manual. - The setting up process is less than one minute due to the developed software supported by the manufacturer. - The simplicity of cabling and installation of the system makes it possible to change and update old systems without re-piping. - Following the first installation the system can be supplemented anytime independently from the size of the central unit, the number of rooms or the initiative calling points. - The production capacities enable to just in time deliveries to the final destination.

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01006005 Other communications (not elsewhere classified)
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Type of partner sought

- Type of partner sought: distributor of medical devices, - Specific area of activity of the partner: healthcare Task: to facilitate the commercialisation of nurse calling systems, distribution


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