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Manufacturer of hand loomed towels, peshtamals, foutas, bathrobes and such home textiles is looking for distributors

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A Turkish company specialised in production of hand loomed towels, peshtamals, foutas, bathrobes and such home textiles is looking for distributors in Germany, Brazil, Chile, USA and Russia.

Offer description

The Turkish company's headquarter is based in Istanbul whilst manufacturing site in Babadagh, a small town in Denizli province to support the handcraftsmanship. In 2007 the Turkish company was founded with the dream to bring the old values of Anatolia into the present. The craftsmen, artisans, masters who never disassociated themselves from their ties of affection for the Anatolian Culture and the unique values which they still produce today with commitment has been the main source of inspiration for them. Their aim is to introduce the natural and inspiring forms of the Anatolian culture firstly to its own people and then to the world. And of course to bring it to anyone who appreciates nature, practical usage and quality, too. They produce peshtamals, hand towels, fouta, bathrobes and such hometextiles from 100% cotton handloomed fabrics.Their products are long lasting, quick dry, easy to carry, fashionable, traditional and may be used at the beach, at home, in SPA's and hammams, etc. The Turkish company is already working with some European countries but would like to expand their sales area by new distributors.

Innovations and advantages

*1st quality combed cotton yarns, 100% cotton, 100% fabric and color guarantee. The products of company which are processed by hand without sacrificing any quality on handlooms by the Anatolian people themselves. *The Turkish company shows its respect for the culture, work and the mastery by continuously increasing the quality of its products, and further improves this quality by using looms that work with the first technology and by the endeavor of their people. *Being natural, protecting the nature. The Turkish company who produces nature-friendly products without sacrificing in quality, manifests the philosophy of the fumeless industry. The materials used in the products are obtained in a 100% natural way and crafted by hand. *Loincloths produced by the company distinguish themselves by being easy to maintain and by the little space they take and this in turn makes it possible to use less detergent to clean them.

Market application codes

09004003 Textiles (synthetic and natural)
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

Preferred countries

Russian Federation

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Area of partner's activity

Type and Role of Partner Sought: The potential partner that may be a distributor or wholesaler who has good networks with hotels, textile shops and supermarkets.The Turkish company demands long relation ship. Type of Partnership Considered:Distribution services agreement


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