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Manufacturer of fashion and special socks seeks distribution and commercial agents for the fashion, sport and medical sector

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This German company has been established for over 125 years as a well-respected producer of fashionable, high-quality legwear beyond Europe. The company’s range of products for men, women and children comprises of three product lines: Fashion, sport and medicine. The company seeks partners for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements in Europe and beyond. Partners should target wholesale and retail industry, mail order shopping catalogues and/or online shopping.

Offer description

The German company specialises in developing and distributing of high-quality products for the fashion, sport and medical sector. The fashion collection comprises fashionable socks for men, women and children. The products are made from selected and Oeko-Tex 100 certified materials. The socks have reinforced stress zones and all company’s stockings are hand linked. The sport collection includes individual products tailored for running, trekking and skiing. Particularly, the sport compression stockings have a high potential for growth on foreign markets. The medical product line covers the manufacturing and sale of medical legwear products. It includes silicone products for foot, supporting and compression stockings for arms and legs, diabetic socks and wraps. The anti-tick sock has been specifically developed and designed to protect forestry workers, (landscape) gardeners or hikers against ticks. The company’s products can be found in classical textile trading, mail order shopping catalogues, online shops, but in medical supply stores and pharmacies too. In these distribution channels, the company is seeking specialised trading partners for all three product lines in Europe and beyond. Its co-operation partner will benefit from first-class products ‚Made in Germany‘, customised design in brand or private label area, client-specific packaging, fast delivery times as well as a highly motivated team working towards to realise respective customer needs. The company is offering commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements to partners who are interested to represent the company and its products.

Innovations and advantages

Design, production, logistics and sale form a unit - provide the basis for the business success of the company and it’s partners, at home and abroad. Modern manufacturing in Germany guarantees highest flexibility and promptness. The company’s online shop can be used for B2B and B2C clients for foreign markets, too. As of late, the company also offers drop shipping.

Market application codes

07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
07004002 Health and beauty aids

Intellectual property rights

Exclusive rights

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Area of partner's activity

Sought distribution partner for commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements: Type: Trading or distribution company / commercial agency with established contacts in the fashion, sports and/or medical supplies sector. The partner needs to have local market knowledge. Task: Distribution of the company’s products via one of the following distribution channels – wholesale and retail industry, mail order shopping, online shops. Preferably, the desired distribution partner should have industry knowledge, should be committed and motivated. Potential trading partner should demand the same, high quality and service, to build up a perfect environment for the products offered.


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