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Manufacturer of Class I medical devices, in search of distributors and business partners

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The Romanian company is present on the parapharmaceutical market for over 10 years. The business line covers a wide range of medical devices (medicinal cotton wool, cotton gauze products – gauze bandages, sterile and nonsterile cotton gauze swabs, on request other cotton gauze products). The company is looking for a distribution services agreement and/or a manufacturing agreement. A financial agreement for a partial transfer of shares is also envisaged by the company.

Offer description

The company is located in northern Transylvania, Romania. The production takes place in strategically chosen locations for optimal coverage of the Romanian territory. Their products, classified 'Class I' and 'Class Is' according to European Medical Device Regulations, are highlighted by both the intrinsic quality of the materials and the special commercial appearance. Production areas are equipped, - besides the direct production machineries -, with advanced absorption systems, clean room, anti-bacterial carpet all over, systems for maintain temperature, humidity and air pressure, the production medium is nonstop monitored, and all ISO standard safety features. Both warehouses (for storing raw materials and finished goods) and containers (for storage of transit goods), are controlled in terms of humidity and temperature to preserve the integrity of the intrinsic characteristics of the stored goods. Transportation of products from the factories or warehouses to the supply platforms of the clients are done with specially dedicated equipped vans. The professional training of the company’s team, its responsibility, dynamism and unity have contributed to the exponential growth of the company's market share, the products’ quality being recognised both nationally and internationally. The company’s rate of return has doubled since 2010. The orientation towards quality, using organic raw materials, contributes to an upward trend, the manufacturing process being carried on in accordance with quality management systems implemented and with European Community standards. Cotton gauze swabs (compresses) and gauze bandages are manufactured in a clean room according with the European medical devices standards. Folded gauze compresses are done automatically. A very important factor is compresses’ sterilization, a process conducted and validated at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics. Sterilization is done with gamma radiation, this process is the most advanced sterilization worldwide. The company is looking to expand their activities, either selling the parapharmaceuticals on international markets by means of distribution partnerships, or producing new items under a manufacturing agreement. At the same time, the company is interested in a financial agreement for a partial transfer of shares.

Innovations and advantages

- The company produces the only local variety of sanitized cotton hydrophilic wool through UV ionization; this process is patent pending. - The sterile packs products are sterilized through the newest process of ionizing in gamma radiation - The company promotes bio-class "environment friendly" products - The company is market leader as manufacturer and distributor of medical devices (cotton wool and gauze products).

Current stage of development

Customer portfolio contains the most important pharmacy chains (totaling approx. 1,300 pharmaceutical units), the top 5 pharmaceutical warehouses nationwide, approx. 150 hospitals. Besides, the company is producing private brand items for international retail chains.

Market application codes

05007002 Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals

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Type of partner sought

The company is primarily seeking a distribution agreement for its present products. At the same time, a manufacturing agreement for new similar products is of significant interest for the company. Eventually, the company is ready to start a financial partnership by means of selling part of the company's shares to potential investors. The expected role of the partner is to be well connected, strongly anchored on the medical – healthcare market, in order to professionally promote and support the company in their efforts to address new international markets.


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