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Looking for partner to produce animal feed from human food wastes via recycling factory establishment

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An Israeli SME, which specialises in processing human food wastes turning it mainly into animal feed as animal feed substance. Advantages over current methods include innovative cost-efficient rational use of the human food wastes followed by providing the market with the resulting animal feed, also environmental friendliness etc. Looking for reciprocal production and joint venture agreements.

Offer description

Today environmental pollutions with human food wastes you can watch everywhere. This is harmful, in view of quality of healthcare and surrounding at all. The company offers a new technology to the market, which is designed to solve the problem. The offered technology for recycling the human food wastes drastically protects environment against pollution by them. It not only prevents both the population and landscape from occasional spreading of the food wastes everywhere, but offers rational conversion of them into useful product for the market of animal feeding. The main task in recycling the material, which contains food wastes and packaging, is to separate them. The separation technology is based on integration of a few mechanical elements. The offered technology enables the user to provide the separation of different types of food products regardless of the package material. The separation process is performed on a dry basis, which keeps the organic matter in its original form. The separated organic matter is mainly used as an animal feed substance. The separated packages are sorted and go for use as raw material for recycling such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metal and RDF (revised derived fuel) - for purposes of energy economizing in burning processes. The company is seeking local partners who specialize in any field of recycling, but is willing to recycle also human food wastes and thus to establish together the recycling factory to proceed human food wastes together in the partner's country. The company deals with recycling the food surplus of human food industry, for the purpose to separate it from its packaging and use as food components and nutrients for feeding the animals. This is a long-standing activity, rich in knowledge and experience in the field. The separation activity was established in the company at 2005. It is a family-owned company. Their activity started as an industrial start-up and currently it provides its unique food waste disposal services to the leading food manufacturers as Unilever, Osem, Angel Bakeries, Sugat, Diplomat etc. The products for feeding the animals, which the company produces from food waste, are marketed and sold to many customers, where this variety works in the field of animal feed. The company is looking for reciprocal production and joint venture agreements.

Innovations and advantages

The developed technological processes enable the company to perform the reuse of organic materials as animal feed (a substance for animal feeding). Advantages: 1.Cost efficiency. The handling cost for this processing / separation is approx. twice as less as compared to those on the market 2."Green" solution for treating the food wastes 3.Providing the solution that prevents from chaotic reuse of the food wastes for human consumption (no spreading the wastes around landscape & population)

Technology keywords

08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food
08001003 Food Packaging / Handling
08001004 Food Processing
08003 Micro- and Nanotechnology related to agrofood
10003004 Recycling, Recovery

Market application codes

08004003 Water treatment equipment and waste disposal systems
08004004 Other pollution and recycling related
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

-the partners are from - industry -specific area of expertise of the partner sought. - manufacturer of human food, of animal feed, recycler that looks for any food waste field recycling . -the tasks that the partner sought would be expected to undertake - providing for local infrastructure and support in penetrating the market & developing the offered technology application.


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