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Looking for medical devices distributor, particularly in EU, Russia and United States

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A Spanish company specialized in the design, production and commercialization of medical devices in the healthcare sector is looking for distributors of medical devices to establish distribution agreements. The products on offer are a reusable ovulation test using saliva as sample and a self-examination glove with increased touch sensitivity for breast cancer prevention. The company is primarily focused on EU, Russia and USA markets, although it’s open to cooperate with distributors worldwide.

Offer description

A Spanish company established in 2008 has been developing medical devices in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors since its creation. The enterprise's philosophy is improving families’ health and wellness through necessary and innovative products. The enterprise is also certified with the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards, meeting all the requirements of the European regulations. Apart from commercializing food supplements, the company is specialized in designing, manufacturing and marketing an ovulation test and a breast self-examination glove. The ovulation test is a small pocket microscope which allows women to carry out a quick and easy test to know if they are in the fertile period of their ovulation cycle. This test uses saliva as sample and can be reusable during three years allowing women to monitor their fertile cycle on a daily basis. This device also includes a mobile application which makes possible both taking photos of their cycle results and creating a graphic of it. The self-examination glove is used to prevent breast cancer increasing the sense of touch. This glove enhances the sensibility, allowing a quick and precise detection of any unknown pin head-sized lump. The aim of the glove is that women make the examination by themselves once a month. In addition, it is reusable and manufactured with non toxic materials, avoiding potential allergies. A mobile application designed for this product allows women to save the results obtained with the self-examination, creating their own medical history; additionally, a reminder is sent to the user to perform the next self-exam tests. Within its internationalization strategy, the Spanish company is seeking distributors working in the pharmacy and/or medical sector for both products, the ovulation test and the breast self-examination glove. The company is seeking distributors in EU markets in which they are not established yet, also in third countries (non EU), with particular interest in Russia and United States.

Innovations and advantages

Ovulation test: - Innovative aspects: It uses saliva as sample instead of urine; pictures can be taken with mobile phone - Advantages: very practical; reusable during three years; possibility to menstrual cycle interpretation through mobile app; small and discreet; easy to use and high reliability; it works without batteries Breast self-examination glove: - Innovative aspects: materials which facilitates a palpation without friction - Advantages: increased touch sensibility 6-fold ; it detects small slumps; practical to prevent breast cancer; reusable; do not produce allergic skin reactions; results recording and self-examination reminder through mobile app; useful when the finger tips touch is painful

Market application codes

05004004 Medical instruments
05007 Other Medical/Health Related
05007001 Disposable products

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Type of partner sought

- Type of partner sought: companies - Specific area of activity of the partner: distributor of medical devices working in the pharmacy industry or in the medical sector - Task to be performed by the partner sought: distributing the Spanish company’s products in their country.


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