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Looking for distribution/commercial agency agreements of a medical device: pressure platform

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Portuguese SME designs, develops and implements medical devices in an unique synergy between engineering and health. The company is looking for distributors for a medical device to physical rehabilitation activities. The medical device is a pressure platform with visual biofeedback. This Portuguese SME is looking for commercial agents to represent the new medical device and also distributors with background and knowledge from the medical devices of physical therapy and rehabilitation market.

Offer description

Portuguese company, active in the field of design, development and implementation of technological medical devices developed a new medical device that is a pressure platform and is part of the next-generation products based on visual biofeedback to support physical therapy and rehabilitation activities. The product is directed to physical therapy clinics, physical rehabilitation centres and sports clubs. Its applicability can be grouped into three areas: physical therapy and rehabilitation (muscle functions, proprioceptive functions, mobility functions), active ageing (preventing risk of falling, load transfers, dynamic movements up and sitting down, training standards activity) and sports (management and evolution of injuries/lesions). Functionalities: - Balance and stability (assessment and training) - Load transfers - Proprioception - Load distribution - Therapeutic exercise - Therapeutic games - Plantar pressure map - Fall risk The device has a CE certification and has the following technical specifications: Size: 61 x 58 cm Thickness: 1 cm Weight: 4 kg Portable Active Surface: 40 x 40 cm Sensors number: 1600 Maximum pressure: 100 N/cm2 Connection/power: USB Frequency: 100 Hz Package contents: 1 physic platform 1 technical manual 1 USB cable The Portuguese SME is looking for commercial agents and distributors willing to promote the medical device within physical therapy and rehabilitation market.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantages are visual biofeedback to both patient and health professional; their involvement in the recovery process. Benefits to the clinic / hospital center: - Technological differentiation and diversity - Attractivity - Excellence Service Benefits for users: - Simple interface - Proactive rehabilitation process - Real-time results - Motivation - Goal setting Benefits for health professionals: - Objective data - Registration of developments - Treatment process tailoring depending on user’s evolution Economic benefits: - Possibility of new business models - Time: patient more independent with supervision of health professional Innovations: - An unique device with modules for evaluation, therapeutic exercise, module to feet pressure map and game therapy - Possibility to integrate with Kinect sensor The biggest distinguishing factor regarding to competition is to have in the same equipment an unique device with modules for evaluation, therapeutic exercise, module to feet pressure map and game therapy.

Current stage of development

The medical device is already on the market and its ready for sale. The company can send the device anywhere in the world. The software is avalaible in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

Technology keywords

01004001 Applications for Health
06001010 Gerontology and Geriatrics
06001020 Physiotherapy, Orthopaedic Technology
06005002 Sensors & Wireless products

Market application codes

05004001 Electromedical and medical equipment
05004004 Medical instruments
05005005 Geriatrics
05005015 Orthopaedics
05007004 Monitoring equipment

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Type of partner sought

The Portuguese company is looking for medical devices distributors and/or commercial agents with a background knowledge in the therapy and physical rehabilitation market. The potential partners are expected to be an active commercial agent or dealer. For distribution services agreements, it is expected that the potential partner could disseminate/distribute the medical device in the healthcare market. E.g. resellers or retailers who want to complete their range of products of their portfolio. For commercial agency agreements, it is expected that the potential partner could represent the portuguese product and brand among potencial stakeholders, such as hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, among others.


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